water seeping

What I learned in school today

Ben 10 and Batman do not mix. Ever.

Also, barnacles are easier to remove than kids and trust me, they really know how to work that guilt factor. Thankfully, I have the next two days off for me to wear it off.

Randomly, after watching speed racer the movie for the...idk insert insane watch count number here time, I FINALLY REALIZED WHERE THE JOHNNY QUEST THEME MUSIC WAS PLACED. I feel so happy ;o;.

Off topic, I've been thinking about people and what people say they are. I don't know if it frankness or obliviousness when people deny things. Like for instance, I'm a hooker kind of person on the internet. I like to do things for my own satisfaction! not to the point where I overshadow everyone else and that's something I really have to keep in mind because I get carried away, but I admit it! I LIKE MAKING MYSELF HAPPY. What's wrong with that? 

Apparently, everything.
I was thinking something similar today. It was something along the lines of how I don't want to and shouldn't feel guilty for liking something just because someone else doesn't, or vice-versa, but unfortunately I do, because I'm apparently an easy person to guilt. :\

And you know? I know I get carried away with things. I ramble on and on about things I'm interested in, usually to friends in the vicinity. And it kind of hurts when I'm usually told after I'm finished that they don't care, why did I go on like that, or they admit that they just tuned out and didn't hear a thing I said. Because, you know, they couldn't have just stopped me or anything.

... Sorry about emoing in your space. [mops up]
See, that bugs me. I'm not that upfront as a person but if I don't care, I'd say so at the beginning. But I like listening to people ramble and talk so it's not an issue for me. I have gotten that problem where I talk about stuff and at the end they're like, "...I don't care" and that frustrates me to no end.

Exactly! Sometimes they tell me ages later and I might not even remember what it is that they don't care about that I'm not supposed to talk to them about anymore. Then I get paranoid about who else I'm bothering with my ramblings and do something like try to come up with a mental list of what not to talk about with who and that's very mentally tiring. Because I want to talk about things with people! But who do I talk about it to?
That's partially why I privately locked my "emotional" posts because I was told that people were being bothered! Which is silly simply because.

a) it's my journal. If I'm not allowed to talk/say what's on my mind because of my friends, it loses it's purpose.
b) THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO COMMENT/UNDERSTAND/GET. You can ignore it totally and I wouldn't mind! And yet, I'm getting people telling me that they don't want to hear this or hear about me and I'm confused. And very much annoyed and hurt and wow am I RANTING.
Yeah, I've wondered about that sometimes. I know a number of the people on my flist have emotional!flocks and such, which I've always wondered was a bit odd. People friend you because they want to know you, right? Know what happens in your day, interact, that kind of thing. But they don't want the emotional stuff either? Well it's not like they have to read it, but they do, and go "um can you not do that anymore?" I MEAN WHAT ARE THEY HERE FOR. Besides fandom and fic and stuff. I don't know what the point I'm trying to make here is.

The bottom line is that it's your LJ, you should be able to do what you want.

... says the person who self-censors half the time because she doesn't want to offend anyone on her f-list.

Luckily, the main reason I'm privately locking emotional posts is restrain overreactions on my part.
I can see the reasoning behind that and if it's what you think works for you and all [pets]

See, I tend to flock mine but keep them open because I want to talk about my problems - stems from the year I spent at counselling, I guess. Before that I had trouble talking about them. There's the potential that discussion will make me feel worse but it helps to focus my mind and my flist is full of smart, intelligent people. So personally, I think it helps me to talk about them! ... This is hindered slightly by the, uh, possibility that people often pass over them, but I've had good things come out of some of them nonetheless.

... I'm going on a tangent now. Um. :);
It does help to talk to anyone, frankly. And I'm not saying everyone should be ILU AND HUGS all the time, it's not constructive. But to deliberately say, "I don't care or understand how you feel, your posts make me uncomfortable" really damages self-esteem and it's not helpful in any way.
Yeah ... also, in regards to things that make me happy, it particularly hurts because, well, it's a friend I'm talking to. If I don't talk to them, who else do I go to? It stings because it seems to point out to me that I don't have a lot to connect with other people over, and it's not like I can make myself like stuff I've just not taken to in forever (movie celebrities, for example).
Y-yeah, I had a close friend recently who did this to me and I was really hurt! Even now, I don't think she's aware of what she's done and I'm keeping quiet.

Also to cheer you up, storm hawks fics
Iii'm tempted to say yes. IIRC, someone once told me that if you write a letter, at least you've let the other person know your point. Whether they do anything with it is up to them, really. :\

I'm not sure if...well, I'm pretty sure she didn't mean it in the way I interpreted it.

Still, if it's making you uneasy or unhappy, it might be good to just talk about it at least? To clear things up? Idk.

O__o;;;??? As disasterous as it sounds, I kind of want to see Ben 10 and Batman in this combination you speak of. (It's like watching a train wreck.)
MOSTLY one kid started crying because another kid was being Ben 10 and Batman at the same time.
I'd like to know why Ben 10 and Batman don't mix :D Especially after Ben 10,000 when my brain conjured up a brief image of that episode combined with Batman Beyond. Yeah.

Haha, yeah. I totally sympathize you on children with iron-like grip. I remember in elementary school, I befriended my friend's little brother. The problem was, he wouldn't let go of my arm when I had to leave and it took the combined effort of two of my friends, his sister included, to let him go. My heart BROKE as I was leaving when I saw his adorable puppy face. I sometimes wonder about those children xD