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STUFF! Don't you like a post with STUFF in it?

  • God guys, I kinda love microcosm_rp. It's the right amount of srs with ridiculous and fun and none of us making a BIG DEAL out of sex which is fabulous and g-god it really makes me happy in my happy place.
  • Also Oz/Rufus is my new OTP. THEIR LOVE IS SO...SMEXY? shut up let me be hookerish.
  • Val. OH VAL. He's like the puppy I never got to play. I'm glad I apped him there because I knew I'd never app him at CFUD and it's great to see some Crimson Spell love.
  • I need to do a state of the union for my characters at CFUD. Honestly, I'm weirded out that I have seven and. I don't feel like dropping. At all. It's a bizarre feeling.
  • sob. A POTENTIAL MR. MOSS APPER FOR COUNSELORS. Plus a Gus and Jules and Racer X. I. I don't know what to think of this.
  • I top |D
  • I think I'm finally going to revamp Oz's icons.
  • I've been feeling very prissy lately. Like I've been treated for granted a lot and I still am and I'm getting sick and tired of it. 
  • Also my parents are like, "2 hour limit on the computer!" which made me incredibly angry because my dad went off to play WoW. Gee, thanks dad.
  • I'm so glad I'm working and being productive again.
  • So. I've come to the point where. I can't help thinking my feelings don't matter. THEY SHOULD but I keep quiet. Maybe too much. I prefer seeing other people happy over my own happiness, so I force myself to be the background. Now. I'm not so sure. It's leaving a sour taste in my mouth.
Also, finally pimping recorporated. It's my writing comm and I post pretty much whatever comes to mind. I've got Pandora Hearts, Storm Hawks, Psych, Supernatural, CFUD, Letter Bee, etc stuff on it. No more fic here!
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Eee I AM VERY EXCITED OVER THE GUS AND JULES DEVELOPMENT. All we need is a Buzz, Mr. Spencer, and Chief and it would be Christmas for me.

And honey, regarding RL stuff (god that computer limit is dumb. :((() you know I'm always here to talk. <33 Always. <3 Also, your feelings do matter, and ignoring that does not end well as I have recently come to find through personal experience. <333 So yes. Don't think your feelings don't matter. :|
ME TOO. AND YES BUZZ DAD CHIEF and an Uncle Jack would make my DAY.

God Uncle Jack needs to become appable YESTERDAY. Victoria does too. Though at this point I'm willing to settle for her getting onscreen faster.

♥♥♥♥ You know that's not true because time zones are dumb. :( But I would not offer it if I didn't enjoy talking to you! ♥♥♥
I would do one but it would be terribly boring at the moment because I don't actually think about more than three of my characters in any real, in-depth way. Which, now that I think of it, is probably why memes are sometimes difficult for me. :|

help I've had my fic open for hours and not worked on it
Well, it's mostly to do with a few of mine. Speed is in perpetual...something anyway.

Oh sweetie. I'll come on IRC gimme a sec.
. . . There is too much to reply to in this post. :|!!1!

So, a hip hip hooray for the first half and cuddles for the last half. Done.
I'm having a blast at Micro, if you can't tell. I LIKE BEING A DORK! Aaaaaand I missed having a mommy-type, haha.

I support state of the union things! They're fun to read and give me an idea of what characters are up to now that I've pretty much given up on stalking anyone in CFUD.