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Tiny Music Pimping

I'm in that mood.

Adele - Hometown Glory
Her voice reminds me of Little Dragon, the same sort of yearning quality that draws you in painfully.

Angelo Badalamenti - Generique
"Don't you stand too close to me..." I love Angelo Badalamenti's works.

The Mamas and the Papas - California Dreamin'
"On such a winter's daaaaaay..." This is a classic.

Andrea Johnson - Glorious

It starts off with an epic buildup and the way Andrea sings reminds me of that Apocalyptica song "Hope by Matthias Sayer"

Cary Brothers - Ride
"You are....everything I wanted...." The Cary Brothers have become my new favourite with their airy vocals and song.

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Angelo Badalamenti did the soundtrack for "A Very Long Engagement"! It's so beautiful. If you haven't seen the movie, you should check it out. It's by the guy who did Amélie and it has Audrey Tautou in it. S-so good.