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My thoughts for the day~

  • I just realized how uncool I am when people talk about new cool super awesome canons!!! And I'm still stuck on my old-school. But whatever. 
  • I also sing the Speed Racer theme song to my kids to help them sleep (ps it works)
  • Gosh, I want someone to flail at about Speed Racer. I keep rewatching, keep loving it over and over again but I know how sick I must be making the people around me so I don't...say a lot! the amount of posts I thought about and didn't say...you have no idea.
  • Work is still coolish! We got some new teachers so I feel like a sempai.
  • Micro is still fantastic. I mean. Oz bonded with Kadaj and cuddled the Corinthian. I AM LOVING THIS.
  • CFUD funk is working itself out. I think playing new characters, characters outside my mold will help!
  • I might app movie!speed at neotopia. I'm debating this greatly.
And now something completely different and yet...not!

My kids are roleplayers. You have no idea how many parental-kidnap-superhero stories they come up with! And I feel like a mod when someone comes up to me and says, "They won't let me play because of this ___" or various reasons like that. And I have to say, "Now guys, everyone can play with everyone" and so on. And I can't help thinking, 'Man, look at us with our processes and apping and paranoia. This is kind of sad'

It also makes me consider making a dressing room. For everyone. There will be some form of checking out characters and so on and I know it feels more of a dream rather than something that will actually work but, if my little kidlets can do it, I can't see why we can't.
HEY I love seeing people love on things, old-school or otherwise. I might not be into it myself, but it makes me happy to see other people happy. Also if I could just find Speed Racer and watch it (note to self: find the movie this holidays) ...

Dressing rooms are great, but there's always going to be that problem of anyone and everyone being allowed and the consequent issues of quality control. People will have different ideas about what is acceptable and what isn't. I mean, you've (probably?) seen some of us WTF over stuff in fandom dressing rooms. That being said ... I agree that I wish RPing was more like back when we were kids. Less pressure and arguments were mostly - scratch that, only about "I WANNA PLAY THAT CHARACTER" "BUT I AM" ">8(!!" RPing Sailormoon as a child was fun, I admit it. :|b

And it'd be nice to have somewhere where you can just pick up and drop a character if you want, and RP what you want - this is where I miss the few AIM RPs I had in the past. I mean there are characters I'd be interested in playing for a bit just to see what it was like but wouldn't really want to app into CFUD for. So, if you decide to go through with the idea, I would be very interested. :|b

Moooar to come? Talk to me and I'll probably remember. XD
I tend to blather a lot about... random things like how Emile Hirsch makes perfect "oh!!" sounds in the movie. Which I believe is up on youtube SO WATCH IT.

It is! Which is why I branched out with my playing. NOT WORRYING ABOUT APPS IS VERY COOL. And I'm actually...thinking about it orz.
I will get around to it, I sweaaar.

... 8DDD A-although when I think about it, there may already be some RPs out there that fit the citeria, but finding them would take effort. Better to make a new one. :|b
BTW any thoughts on whether this will be strictly with established fandoms or would it be possible to litereally play anyone? I ask this because I've always been curious to see someone play these two but they don't exist anywhere outside of deviantART and their creator hasn't actually done anything with their canon yet. |D;
Well, look at the rules and see! And well, idk that canon but Miho does so I'll chat it up with her.


I must jump her next time she's in the chan.
My entire childhood was spent playing imaginary games outside with my two best friends. We created an elaborate world over the span of about 10 years, using established characters and made up ones. I didn't even know anyone else in the world did anything like that until a few years ago. I feel like that prepped me for playing now, haha.

IN SHORT: YES. CHILDREN ARE RPERS. It's how you learn! Some people just, uh, never grow out of it.
One of my favorite characters to play is from an obscure canceled canon. ALSO ALWAYS FEEL FREE TO SQUEE ABOUT STUFF EVEN IF IT IS OLD. BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME.

Also the only issue I have with dressingrooms I sort of outlined in one of my other posts, but the sort of interaction that can be done in a dressingroom kinda bites. imo. I MEAN THEY'RE GREAT but you usually miss a sort of ... other layer of depth.
Oh, I can see that happening and that's...up to the player rather than the nature of the dressing room. See if you can contact the player? Try and thread more! The dressing room's just a place after all. (aka hookeroleplay
See, I think the fact that the dressing room is not a place where characters have to be, they sort of wander in and out gives all interactions that sort of like. . . ic_secrets feel. Like, having deep interactions in the grocery store, happens, but it's just more difficult? EYE DEE KAY. I love dressing rooms, but it's still a bit of a :? for me.
Also true and a good point. It's hard to find something that'll click. Maybe have a theme every once in a while could help.
Yeaaah, I'm still apt to ramble about how old-school anime (by old school, I mean Beyblade, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Cybersix...so I don't know exactly how much they fit that category) is better than some of the new ones I see. So no, that's not uncool at all xD

Hehe, I remember usually playing either the mom or puppy whenever playing house in elementary school. Your kids sound so awesome <3