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a) I want to talk about how my ships and concept of shipping varies with fandom, so name a fandom and I'll discuss what I ship and what shipping means to me in that fandom.

b) I have a lot of fandoms. Have you ever wondered about one of the fandom I sometimes mention on my journal which you don't know of? Ask me any question you want about them!

You know what you must do.

Also I love this icon so damn much you have no idea. Damnit fandom, give me more Speed/Trixie.

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a. ...hm. Feel free to pick from ALL THE ONES I KNOW. XD (Psych, Speed Racer, Static Shock, Utena... pick whatever. |D)

b. Who do you think I'd really love from Storm Hawks and why? :D

I do love the Speed Racer fandom for all its batshit pairings and all. For me, when I was a kid, I shipped Racer X/Speed but I don't ship it in the movie! Which makes things awkward for me when I'm reading fics in the speed racer fandom since 99% of the material that comes out is based on the movie.

AND I LOVE TRIXIE SO MUCH and I DESPAIR over the lack of Speed/Trixie fics because they weren't just. IN LOVE or LOVE kind of phase. They were best friends, they confided in each other, they trusted each other and in the end of the movie, they don't go ILU AND KISS!!! They first share a hug and the hug was like, "I'll be there for you!" sort of feeling which I loved seeing.

My thoughts on any other speed racer pairing (Tony Stark/Speed, Royalton/Speed, Yakuza Driver/Speed) are pretty much "...uh" in all honesty.

I have a weakness for Taejo/Speed though.
b) I honestly think you'd love Aerrow. Because while he's hung up on duty and responsibility and BEING A SKY KNIGHT, he has some sincere kiddy dork moments where he hangs loose and DOES RISKY THINGS.

I also think you would love Starling but everyone loves Starling so.
a) Phoenix Wright is a canon I love! But oddly enough, I stay away from the fandom because I feel there's nothing it can truly offer me! Phoenix/Miles is in the game WHY WOULD I READ FIC ON IT!!! Admittedly my new fav in the series is Apollo Justice (I blame Klavier-mun), but the way I think of Phoenix Wright IS SO DIFFERENT from fandom's portrayal.

ANYWAY, I don't ship much since everything that is canon, I like already. I would love more Phoenix/Iris, my unloved het pairing. And Ron/Desiree will never stop being sexy to me.
WHY WOULD I READ FIC ON IT C-cuz every now and then there are really freakin' awesome fics? :D;?

Yeay, Phoenix/Iris~ ♥ Truth, I wanted to app Iris for CFUD but Phoenix left. :(
... Would you be willing to read a Phoenix Wright/Silent Hill crossover gen fic focusing on Miles Edgeworth? :D

Maybe, but I doubt that they'll app this counselor round. :(
Sou-chan and I thought it was a very well-written fic, was pretty effing creepy, and could actually see this happening if Miles really did go to Silent Hill. :D

b) Terra E is something I just recently got into, but it's fantastic. It's a sci-fi dystopia that takes place over a long period of time and it offers a bit of everything to the viewer; the slice of life, science, genetics, politics, people. And it's also one of the few animes that spend a good amount of time delving into two warring sides (the Mu and the Computer) and developing their back stories. The characters are incredibly life-like, strong and very easy to get attached to. I would recommend it for an experience you're not used to.
A) AHH OMG STATIC SHOCK AHH or storm hawks

B) I know nothing about Oz's canon. SELL IT TO ME.

NO SECRET that I ship Aerrow/Dark Ace. The Bickering! The subtext that's really more text! I just wish there were more people who would write the pairing decently and not make it like TRUE LOVE or BUCKET OF ANGSTS.

And speaking of angst, I find that not a lot of people write Storm Hawks for what it is! A cartoon. Admittedly, I do the same a lot for my headcanon pieces too, but I find that the leaps of logic fandom takes totally confuse me.

OTHER PAIRINGS that I wish fandom would notice. Aerrow/Starling, Finn/Junko, Piper/OTHER FEMALES, Piper/Cyclonis. I would also say Aerrow/Piper because I've yet to see a single person on the internet OTHER THAN MYSELF write this pairing properly.
i spent like 3 minutes trying to find my storm hawks icons on brenda's account
static fandom is just us now, isn't it

Well, back in the day, it was an AMAZING fandom. Seriously. It was REALLY GOOD for a DC fandom and the fics that are there are some of the best I've read. I can dig up links if you want.

...Oh yeah. I didn't mention it since people might take me seriously like last time.
I am not much of a fic reader in the first place. Pretty pictures for me, baby.

what i am so srs their love is true
B) What really sunk me into Oz's canon is the depth of it. I will tell you that it's a serious canon! But it's warm-hearted and fluffy and enjoyable and every character has a very well-developed personality, characteristics and story. The art is also FANTASTIC and I've never seen a manga with art so vibrant and colourful.

As for the characters, I feel there's something for everyone. The mysterious man...who gives candy to little kids, the uptight servant who gets topped a lot and fails at karaoke, the loli girl who is secretly A GIANT BLOODTHIRSTY bunny. I would say more on Oz, but honestly, nobody really likes Oz. He can be liked, you can sympathize with him, but his take on life makes you want to punch a wall.

But really. I love the art, the fact that the mangaka herself is kinda adorable at times, the pace it keeps without being tedious, too emo and just the right amount of reality.