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I do not think I play all my characters in character. SHOCKGASPHORROR!!! "Oh my god," you must be thinking, "Have you no shame?"

Well. That's what the dickgirl icon is for~

But that's not my point. All Role-players are not in character. Yes. None of them. They can be REALLY close and pretty good! but never 100% IC. Why is that? Mostly because we're what we say we are. Role-players. We're certainly not the creators of the character we play (unless it's an OC and it's a whole different ballgame which I won't even address here), so to claim we're 100% IC? Is false. Just like the human mind changes and adapts, so does the character, but we can't profess to know. We can presume and trust me, a presumption can get you far.

What I like about role-playing (and what I'm finding out with my leveled up experience with different styles of role-playing and games in general) is that; we all bring out something different in the character. Whether we focus deeply on one aspect and not so closely on the other. And that's what really counts. Not that you're 100% IC, but you're doing something different. That you're the fish swimming in the opposite direction of the shoal. That you're the rooster among hens, but not quite the peacock.

So. A general shout-out. You're not doing it wrong. You're doing it your way. Maybe you've gone on a really wild tangent. Maybe you've found a nugget of information that no other player of your character has found. Maybe, deep deep down, you found something of you in them and you want it to shine.
It's up to you. Have fun, bring something new to the yard. I'm sure I want to see it.

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I always have to stop and have that realization with my characters every now and then.

Eloquently stated, sunshine. Now, are you somewhere I can touch you?
I'm glad I just said it. It made me feel better and I hope it does the same for anyone else.

...I'm supposed to be in bed but uhhh CATCH ME TOMORROW?
I agree a lot but on the same token I want to disagree (because I am terribly contrary, you know. Because in a way "ICness" is really relative, unnecessary and completely and utterly false. In other ways it's practical and formed by the RP that you're in and in even other ways there is a "general consensus" which is not necessarily true or right but is how things are done (blah blah whether or not they should be etc). And even further there is the idea that If You Are Okay Doing it How You Want then you must also be Okay With Other People Disagreeing and Critting You because it too is an opinion and while everyone does it differently and there is no absolute right or absolute wrong we all have our ideas and ways and opinions and there is nothing wrong with sharing them.
Oh, I believe that. I didn't address it, since I wanted more to talk about the paranoia and stress that comes from constantly trying to be 100% IC, something I've noted a lot in various RPs. Which is fine and good, but to the point where it just hinders you and depresses you feels very counter-productive to me.

Word on your points though. Opinions and ideas should be shared and you should always be open to learning.
I like being a hypocrite sometimes (Y)
I think the healthiest way to deal with this crap is be like I do my thang, other people do their thang. Other people are wrong, I am right. They can feel the oppossite but that's their prbolem, not mine. The end.
... I keep telling you people that I like my self-deprecation because it keeps me from going completely OOC!

XD *loves on* I actually sort of needed this kind of post~
Oh, a certain amount of self-deprecation is healthy to keep you humble. LARGE AMOUNTS OF IT which I've seen tons of people go into, is not. It's hindering, it's depressing and it does no one any good in the end.

Woohoo! This does not remove the need to review my canons.
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If these aren't words of wisdom, I don't really know what is xD

Kinda needed this. Just a little