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Don't ever copy my example and nearly get run over by cars because you're so exhausted you're not seeing straight.

Also, this thread is amazing.

Random fun stuff from work today -

[Kid] Hey teacher, [GIRL] stuck this spoon in her mouth!
[Me] And?
[Kid] It's made in china!
[Me] And?!
[Kid] It could be poisonous!!!
[Me] No, it's cool. She's fine.

O china. Your rep with the kids is hilarious.

[Coworker]  I love Angelina Jolie. And my husband is like, "What, are you a lesbian?"
[Coworker] And I say "No. But she's a hot chick"

Moral of the story. Jolie turns women gay.

[Coworker] Dress up as Wonder Woman. With a whip.
[Me] Wonder woman has a lasso not a whip.
[Coworker] Well. Not our version of Wonder Woman.

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Well, I had to take off my sunglasses very discreetly just to make sure. I'm sly like that.
If I told you you'd become a target for my enemies. I have lots. They really hate me.
Listen, I don't have time for this, there's a hot multiracial chick waiting for me at home. She's so hot hell is like the South Pole compared to her.
Yeah well we don't have sex, but I let her hang around me and occasionally say something obvious like "He's really good" or "Your hair looks perfect, X."