water seeping

sob sob I miss my computer


Okay, no, this is a lie, I still have limited time on the computer.

So, I've been PRODUCTIVE!!!

Like playing LeafGreen. And well. It's an experience

Lines you don''t expect in Pokemon
  • "Zombies!"
  • "It makes me feel all warm and gooey inside"
  • "All kids leave home someday. It said so on TV....."
  • "Fwuahahahahaa this is my secret hideout!"
  • "Eeek! Don't touch me there!"
And many more!!!! If I can remember them.

Use this post to spam me with links. WHAT'S GOING ON IN THE INTERNET WORLD I wish to know ;;
I FINISHED TACTICS 4. Other than that I've not been in the Internet world much either. wb dude.

o Pokemon

As for me, I've been watching this recently and dearly wishing someone would sub it into English. ;o;
*HUG* Nice to hear from you |Db


"What? What's wrong with two dudes standing together?! There's nothing going on!!"
[snuggles] Ash~~~♥ Do you happen to have Pokemon Adventures? :( I WANT.

I still need to buy Diamond/Pearl. THIS CAN HAPPEN NOW THAT I HAVE MONEYS!!!
[flops on]

I AM GLAD YOU LIIIIVE. And sadly, I have no links, because I've been pretty AWOL from the internet thanks to uni. BUT I FINALLY FEEL I HAVE LICKED or am close to licking FLASH. So I don't mind being out of the loop. I HOPE YOU ARE FEELING BETTERRRR