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Ahhh life. It's good to be back with you again.
  • About three days ago, I saved two clueless Indian visitors in Singapore. They were missionaries. I regretted it. "YOU KNOW AT THE END OF THE DAY YOU WILL HAVE TO FACE JESUS" "....oh look my bus is here bye!"
  • I watched the first episode of Michiko to Hatchin! I can see the Cowboy Bebop vibes but I'm still not sunk yet. 
  • Astrocity I love you.
  • Probably going to take from RPing. Or something. I AM UNDECIDED
  • I. I love my new icons a lot.
  • I admit guys, I suck at the whole christmas postcards thing. So I didn't comment to any since I'd feel bad. S-Sorry?
I had more relevant deep thoughts to add, but I forgot them on the way home from the library.
Like I told Serph, I wasn't really sold until episode four. I'm still surprised I made it to the that point while I was half-disinterested, but it's really sort of. . . a hit or miss series.

I assume you mean break from RPing. And, in that case, [skritches].

I don't comment to Christmas card posts either. The most holiday I get with something is JJ texting me Happy Halloween or something.
I watched a little more. I still like it and I would watch it consistently buuuuut I'm not quite hung up on it yet.