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Sick of my updates yet?

SO lunatunes is having a theme for which I ACTUALLY have music for! Shocking! 

Pokemon - Tears of Life
Oh the first movie. With Ash dying. Who didn't cry when they saw that in their early childhood?

Joe Hisaishi - The Sixth Station
This is a very strong, melacholic song, quite unlike Hisaishi's normal style, but god, it does make me feel all teary inside.

Toshiyuki O'Mori - Wounds
Ahhh the plonking of piano keys is like the plonking of...my heart?

Yann Tiersen - Summer 78
Baw on cue, guys. Baw on cue

Yoko Kanno - tokyo.sora medley

This is what I imagine the song of my life to play. Something so bittersweet and joyous and yet, so soft and painful towards the end.

Tactics - Sadame

I love this track. It's from the Tactics OST which is an amazing OST, but this track. G-God this track.

America - The Last Unicorn (Acoustic)

This song breaks my heart in so many ways.

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata

When I was a child, my parents played this song. And I started to cry. I still have no clue as to WHY but I did.

Akira Yamanaoke - Theme of Laura (Reprise)
Beautifully haunting, just the style of the famed Silent Hill composer

Mushishi - Ri(Kotowari)
That song that seems to justify everything you've been through, with a note of sadness

lisa - Requiem ~Inori~
I may not care much for the Trinity Blood anime, but god this songs rings deep.

Taku Iwasaki - Living Sin
I LIKE THE RK SPECIAL no matter what anyone else says. Though, I may be biased because of it's fantastic, yet emotional soundtrack.

Kiyoura Natsumi - Tabi no Touchuu
What is it about this song that seems to make my heart clench? I don't know how to phrase it, but it's just. beautiful.

Sailor Moon - Sad Sailor Saturn Theme (Violin)

So, old songs from my childhood still make me cry. WHAT OF IT.

Comment if you're downloading!

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I just grabbed the last one, MAY COME BACK FOR MORE LATER? I dunno. |Db

PS I did not cry the first time I saw Ash die in that pokemon movie!
I just. Cried 7 or so years later when I saw it again. ;_;
Downloaded a whole bunch ♥


And Moonlight Sonata creeps me out. There was an episode of Are You Afraid of The Dark with that song and I've never forgotten it IT WAS THE SCARIEST EPISODE.

Moonlight Sonata is something I can only listen to occasionally because it brings my mood down COMPLETELY.