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Dear Storm Hawks fandom,

Stop being a tool.

Stop expecting angst and drama and tension in a children's cartoon show. Stop complaining when the show doesn't cater to your whims, don't watch it then. But I do not need you ranting about in the main comm about how Storm Hawks is not what you hoped it be and how it's doing so and so to your favourite villains. If you want to rant, take it to your journal. That was, in no way, a start towards a discussion.

No love,

In other news,

cyber09 is the best hubby ever. And I had a blast with aatash today. 

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I have such conflicted feelings! On the one hand, just because it's aimed at children doesn't mean a work can't have overarching plots and complex characterization and relationships, and drama and tension and fandom's perennial favorite, angst (witness Avatar: The Last Airbender and X-Men: Evolution, among others); to suggest otherwise devalues children's media.

On the other hand, Storm Hawks was clearly NEVER INTENDED to be any more complicated than it is and expecting it to be and being disappointed when it is not a show like AtLA or XME is ... kind of dumb. It's aired over thirty episodes; by now you'd think people would have figured out that SH's primary purpose is to entertain kids (and Memlus) for half an hour with lighthearted hijinks, crazy action, and bad puns. That's what this show is and it's good at it.

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Hilariously, I don't define Avatar and X-Men Evolution as children's cartoons, I define them as cartoons. X-Men had something of a core to work with and Avatar had a very, very strong plot from the very beginning. They're cartoons for me, not really meant for children! I can see a lot of parents banning Avatar in their households, for real. Teaching has taught me, if anything, parents overreact.

And Nerds has clearly outlined what they want in Storm Hawks; to entertain, not to think and brood (I do enjoy the moments when they make you do that, but that's an unexpected bonus, not something to take for granted).

I DON'T KNOW MEM, I want to bash their heads against the wall.
But they are intended for children; the target audiences of both Avatar: the Last Airbender and X-Men: Evolution were children between the ages of eight and twelve. That both shows attracted adults as part of the regular viewing audience, that both shows had storylines substantially more complicated than the average children's cartoon fare, does nothing to negate the fact that they were created for and marketed primarily toward children and young teens, that the material they contained was presented in terms that children could easily understand and follow, that they were in all possible aspects intended to be viewed by children, and that the viewing audience consisted primarily of children. They're both intelligent and engaging shows, with characters and plotlines that can be enjoyed by people of all ages -- but they're still children's shows.

I suppose what it comes down to for me is this: I think it's ridiculous that a substantial portion of the Storm Hawks fandom expects the show to be more than what it is because the creative team has made it explicitly clear that this show is intended to be little more than a half hour of light diversion, the children's silver screen equivalent of a feel-good action/comedy summer blockbuster, light on brains and heavy on the laughs and the explosions. Which is FINE; it's awesome. Storm Hawks is pretty much my favorite cartoon on right now, which probably tells you a lot about my personal tastes.

I just ... cannot figure out why these people continue to watch the show when it's fairly clear that it will never be The Master Cyclonis and the Dark Ace Kill a Ton of Bitches and Aerrow Cries a Lot Show.
I want to say! Also! That I understand what are you saying re: children's shows and I respect your opinion entirely!! I am sorry I've been so bulldog-ish about this in your journal, especially given we, uh, totally agree about Storm Hawks fandom being RIDICULOUS. I'm sorry! You are an awesome person and I respect you tons.

Augh, now I don't want to do my homework. I want to watch the show and think about Piper's blatant lesbianism and make fun of hardcore Mister The Dark Ace fangirls.
No, you have a fair point. Perhaps phrasing it as children's shows is a bad way of saying it. And it's COOL mem, you know I heart you.

...Go do that.
it's actually kinda funny
Angst, drama, and tension in MY children's show? It ain't gonna happen.
I admit, among my rage, I was quite genuinely amused. But I've been taking this behaviour from the fanbase for so long, it finally got to me.
SOME CARTOONS ACTUALLY DIP INTO THAT STUFF but Storm Hawks is for good times and hilarity and entertainment and RIDICULOUS SKY FIGHTS. So if you're not diggin' it by like. The second episode, don't whine. Go watch VH1 or something.
YEAH SEE If you can't tell that Storm Hawks is clearly not your drama bucket, switch. Because it's been pretty damn clear since. several episodes ago.
I agree with you, but I'm always a little frustrated that this show was never intended for the next age bracket up. I certainly don't need drama, but a few more hints and bits there would have been nice.

But most of all-- yesterday's ep was not very good. It didn't have the fun Dark Ace flair of first season... he used to, I dunno, have way better lines than that; even taking into consideration that he was crazybus for half the episode. ^^ The dogfights were a compiled mix of repeats from season 1. This episode just flunked and didn't bring the fun to the table like I thought it would. And there was even a MECHA (and I love mechas). ^^

I guess I had higher expectations for Dark Ace's return than I should have, but I thought he would have been at the same badass level he was last season.
I honestly think that they're branching it out. We won't get some development in each episode, we'll get them like. Five episodes later. Because that's how Storm Hawks roll! And considering we got HELLA development in Five Days, I knew that the latest one wasn't likely to compare.

As for the Dark Ace flair, I would wait till the show is over before making judgments like that. There were some interesting moments in this that I would mull over.

O Storm Hawks fandom.

And guess what I'm watching while I'm having breakfast? ♥
Die hard Dark Ace fangirls, sigh, they're so annoying, someone should make a secret about them and post it to fandomsecrets

The DA drama thing had been brewing for a bit over on YouTube. Every ep that Dustdamsel put up had people whining about DA not being in it. People were even screeching that they were "going to sue Nerd Corps if DA isn't in the next ep, dammit!"

And then there's the creepy comments like "I think Aerrow and Piper should have been naked" that was left on the Stratosphere ep.

At least Storm Hawks is tame compared to the Dr Who fandom, there's massive wank going on over the choice of Matt Smith playing the next doctor.

I'd say there's a high chance of wank when the last ep airs and Aerrow and Piper don't have that kiss that A/P shippers say is going to happen (and that Andy Poon has said won't happen)
I dislike the principle behind fandomsecrets honestly. There's too many ways to interpret a secret and the often gut reaction I find is getting angry.

I don't think Aerrow/Piper will ever happen! It's one of those amazingly beautiful ambiguous relationships I enjoy. I do ship it! But I can see myself shipping it less should it actually occur on screen. Mind you, that's just my take on it. As for Dark Ace fans, ah, there will always be some of those kind of fans around.