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  • O Avatar!movie cast. I think you're brilliant. (Twilight and Jesse McCartney guys. Tell me that's not a winning combination)
  • I made my kids watch Speed Racer today! I am awesome.
  • I GOT MY SPN DVDS~~~~ copious amounts of my time will now be divided into work / rp / SPN~~~
  • rhymed  is amazing
  • I've taken to browsing SPN fics in the night, which was not such a smart thing to do. Not because they're bad but SPN by nature makes me cry a lot.
  • I still want to know why there is no comm for Casshern Sins :(
  • Ah racism. You're another hilarity in my life. And considering my background, I'm like the worst kind of contradiction out there.
  • My lecturer thinks I'm married. I told her politely otherwise.
Lately, I haven't done much of self-reflection, something I feel I should be making a habit out of, if I ever want to overcome my emotional dunderheadness. All in due time, I suppose.
H-Honey, what's this about racism? Do I have to spork somebody in the eye for you? :/

On another note: you're married to me aren't you? :D
Nah, nothing of that sort. It's just funny to see Chinese give me the "... >/" look on the trains.

I'm pretty sure we got married on Terra Sahar, two days ago with matching crystal rings.
... This chinese girl thinks you are the MOST AWESOME PERSON EVER, so they can eat their hearts out.
Of course I did.

And I have two different keywords for it because I couldn't decide which I liked better.