water seeping

"so take my hands and we will pray they won't take you away"

  • I've never seen kids freak out so much over Land Before Time. One of them was literally TREMBLING in my arms. This is really making me rethink what kids should watch. 
  • Sob I've been spending my time watching a lot of shiny Dean/Castiel videos. Somebody saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave me.
  • I managed to get out of my Micro playing funk! Had a bunch of shiny threads yaaaaaaay. Also thinking of apping Batgirl there when Tibarn and Yama do their Harley and Ivy apps. Fuck yes Gotham Girls.
  • I love each season of SPN has a different focus, which makes every season very interesting/unique to follow.
THERE WAS MORE HERE but internet died. :(
LBT scared the bejeesus out of me as a kid. Yeahhhh. I'm just glad no one went "hey, Watership Down!" That would not have been good.
I think the thing about kids movies, for me, was they scared me the first time but after that I kind of enjoyed the frightening bits because I knew it was going to end up alright. Maybe this is why kids have the capacity to rewatch things so many times. Different mentality.
Oh, I know that feeling. But it's hard to think that way when there's a kid shaking in your arm, clinging onto you for dear life.
But but. I loved Land Before Time! It made up a whopping 40% of my childhood!...Then again, this is coming from the girl who watched Bambi and Pinnochio when she was little and went "oh. Bambi's mom is dead. Oh well." and "ahahaha stupid Pinnochio."

...Maybe I'm not the best example xD
I.... don't really remember LBT that much?

Which Batgirl are you thinking?