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Thoughts on Casshern 12!

Dakki - So is this guy still alive?
Casshern - HEY NOT EVERYONE I'M GAY FOR DIES besides he's okay--
Casshern - ...
Casshern - ...
Casshern - ...sob
Dakki [pets]

SOB MARGO. I BARELY KNEW THEE. Also the previews for the next episode omg. LYUZE LEDA DIO AND...BRAIKING BOSS? Plus, the flashback in this episode creeped me out. W-Who was the guy with the green eyes? It wasn't Dio.

Also, I liked the worldbuilding here, that history is depicted through colour rather than written word. Plus Margooooooooooo. Every time he said "young man" I wanted the YMCA to play.

Want episode 13 already.
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