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I love drabbles!

Can I.
Can I get an AU of Nia and Kamina meeting each other please?
I would make this face: *_*
Nia had heard a lot on Kamina. It was hard not to, when she loved Simon and Simon loved Kamina. Everyone loved Kamina. Nia loved Kamina too.

So, she was a little nervous. He was waiting for her, he was Kamina, she was just Nia, Simon's Nia and Simon was important to Kamina but would she be important to Kamina as well?

She stood there, in front of him. He was tall (like the sky was blocking him out, he was too bright for this world) and she wasn't sure if she was smiling or crying, or a bit of both because this is Kamina and she finally met him.

Kamina smiled and patted her on the head, "Nice to meet'ya Nia"

And she kept smiling.
"Merry Christmas, everyone~" Shiba said cheerfully, "Look what I did for all of you~"

The Storm Hawks stared.

"Is that a tree in the Condor?" Stork said twitching, "It better not have any parasites on it, like the dreaded--," Finn thoughtfully covered Stork's mouth before he rambled on.

At least, you could count on Junko on having the right reaction, "It's very nice, Shiba. I like the decorations."

"THERE ARE PLANTS ON THE CEILING!!" Finn covered Stork's mouth again.

"I was wondering about that," Piper said, the initial shock wearing off, "What is with the plants on the ceiling, Shiba?"

Shiba winked, "You'll see~"

"Why is everyone already awake," Aerrow murmured sleepily, rubbing his eyes.

"Aerrow~, you have perfect timing~"


"You're standing under a mistletoe~"

Aerrow looked upward. And blinked, "...And this means...what?"

Shiba grinned. Bringing the joys of Christmas to Atmos will be so much fun~ ♥

Lyuuze sits across from Ringo and her "Grandfather", her arms crossed and her mind, cross. There was a bubble of rage, thick and boiling and she knows it'll only be a matter of time before it spills out. So she sits, the itch to run, to rage at Casshern, to watch his face not even so much as twitch as she hurls abuse on him and that makes the anger eve worse and the glow of his eyes--

She shakes her head. He should not be beautiful in the moment of death. It was wrong. He was wrong.

Ringo tugs on her sleeve. Lyuuze blinks, "Ringo?"

"Come collect shells with me! Ringo wants some more!" Ringo tugs harder and Lyuuze found herself getting up and following the girl like a--(in the past, what were they called? They were all gone now. Little dogs, trailing after their masters, just as robots trailed after theirs)--and began searching for little remnants of the sea dressed along the shore.

Ringo talked. Sometimes she talked about the sea. Sometimes she talked to the shells. Sometimes she talked about Casshern and her voice shook with worry and yet, held tight with faith. And Lyuuze found herself relaxing to the tide of Ringo's voice as they scavenged the remains of a dying world.

And the bubble of anger subsided.
Happy holidays!

I'd love something cute from any of our shared DC interests but only if you go and request something from me too so it'll be fair. :P
Because you can never have enough astrocity
"We work on Christmas?"

"We work every day of every year, Altar boy. You know what crime is like," The Confessor said.

"Yeah, but--have you ever had a vacation?" Altar boy said, scratching his head and realizing for a second later how undignified it looked, "I mean, time for yourself?"

The Confessor was silent.

Altarboy rubbed his chin, a habit he had picked up from his father, but he hadn't realized that either, "You know what? You should. Take the day off."

"I don't take days off."

"Well, you should. Just once. Think of it as my Christmas present."

The Confessor was quiet again for a few minutes. Then--"You're giving me a Christmas present?" If Altarboy didn't know better (and he did and yet he didn't), the voice was amused.

Altarboy had the grace to be sheepish, "I don't know what else to get you."

The Confessor stood up, but Altarboy couldn't see him well enough in the dark, only the cross on his clothes that marked his body.

"Very well," Confessor replied, "There are... worse luxuries I can think of."

And with that, not so much of a goodbye or a parting thank you, he was gone. Only the slight fluttering of the leaves near the chapel noting his disappearance.

Still, Altarboy thought, he actually listened. It was a big step.
ANYTHING but if you wanted to write anything World Embryo that'd be cool too. OR IF YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH ANY OF MY CHARACTERS' CANONS. (it is worth a shot.)
When Nene learned how to work the TV, it was a ~big~ moment in Riku's house. Mostly since Nene was pressing random buttons to see what new picture would appear on the screen. Which in turn, subjected Riku and Nene to things they (he) would be embarrassed to have ever glimpsed.

But it was nothing compared to the one time Rena was invited over by Ms. Shizuru (neighbours must have strong bonds of friendship~ were her exact words) and Nene, bored with the small talk on the table, wandered off and turned on the TV.


Riku and Rena both jumped out of their seats, while Ms. Shizuru placed a hand on her cheek and said, "Oh my. She is at it again."

Riku sighed, "I thought you put the remote away."

"I thought I did!"

Rena ignored them both and sat next to Nene, "What is wrong with this show?"

Riku opened his mouth to reply. And closed it. And looked a bit like a fish out of water.

At the end of the night, they were all fully acquainted with the A-team theme song. Which, Riku reasoned, was a lot better than the time Nene insisted on watching Teletubbies.
If you're familiar with any of my character canons, any fic for them would be great. If not, something cute* with Oz and Gil from Pandora Hearts?

*This is Pandora Hearts, the cute been layered over pain and heartwrenching is naturally okay too.
He simply knew better.

At the end of it all, there will be no "return", no rewinding of the present to the past, where the evenings were golden and the skies were so clear, they glared down at home in benevolence. There will be no cool afternoons in the shade, with the branches rustling above him in leafy song and Gil's familiar weight leaning against him like a solid wall, a presence so inescapable, he could not remember a time it had not been there to surround him and suffocate him.

Here, in the dank street corners, Oz shuffles along, staring at the large back in front of him. A part of him wishes to press himself against it, but this was not the same wall, but one of different make and he is so uncertain of himself, so uncertain of a wistful childhood promise that he simply curls his fingers around his arm and chokes it in a death like grip.


Deep. Rough. Like it had been dragged around and scrapped against the floor, nothing but bare skin and hoarse scratches. There was that hint of compassion, that note he reserves only for Oz and it is only Oz who can hear the question behind it. Oz shakes his head and Gil looks down at him, frowning. Oz flinches inwardly (how did he learn to read me so well?) but Gil doesn't press his questions, but simply grabs Oz's shoulder and pushes him ahead. Oz stumbles and looks back, confused.

"Lead me," Gil murmured softly, his hair tickling the back of Oz's ear (so like a cat. Gil would frown), "Command me."

Oz hesitates and walks forward, his steps sounding too much like a funeral march to his liking.
'We three dorks from the Condor are
Flying skimm'rs we traverse afar
Field and fountain, swamp and mountain
This is all quite bizarre

Seek the Terra, win the fight
Kick Cyclonia's tail tonight
All who see us will delight
Stork, everything will be all riiiiiiight~

Born a king to lead the way
Don't listen to what the grown-ups say
Leader forever, ceasing never
...my team causes much dismay.


Fear is mine, all 'round me is doom
No one else sees the gathering gloom
Parasites, pests, worms, monsters and many germs
It's us they want to...consume.

Junko, Piper, come along
Dark Ace, you can join the throng
Stuck in camp, we're cold and daaaaaaaamp...
...we can't stop singing this song.'
When Castiel Fell, he Fell right into Dean Winchester's bed. Which made for some major awkwardness later, Dean thought, but he was more preoccupied with the concept of Castiel falling.

He hadn't given much thought on the days later.

"Here man, your clothes are ready," Dean laid them out.

Castiel stared at the clothes. And then stared at Dean. And promptly stared at the clothes again.

Dean rubbed his forehead, "You've got to be kidding me." When Castiel didn't reply, Dean just grabbed the clothes and said, "OKAY. Okay. Just this once I'm gonna help you out. All right?"

Castiel nods.

Dean carefully peels off Castiel clothes, thinking of the times when Sam was small, how he would talk about a TV show they managed to catch or even what happened in school the day before, how Sammy's eyes would glaze over and Dean would dress him automatically, his voice trailing off into happier times...

Castiel put his hand over Dean's and Dean jerked, "What?"

"You were talking aloud."

"...Oh. ...Shit."

Castiel cocked his head in that contemplative questioning manner that Dean found fucking annoying but couldn't really feel angry about it, "I don't mind."

"Well, I do," Dean said, scratching the back of his head, "...We're never talking about this again, you clear?"


"And this is the last time I'm helping you put on your clothes."

I'M NOT SO GOOD AT THAT but here's an anecdote from class.

Me: So what do you want from Santa this year?
Boy: A pink vacuum cleaner!
...yay internet! IS THIS STILL OPEN.

I honestly don't know eer I dare you to do a Table fic?