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the first update post of this year

  • Caught up to Black Butler! Gosh, it's such a fun manga to read. I understand that at times it's supposed to be dark and gloomy, but I find it absolutely hilarious.
  • Apped Soma at microcosm_rp . NOW I PLAY AN INDIAN ON THE INTERNET!
  • Also read all of the scanlations of Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas. Beautiful. It was tight, depressing, fun and amazing hard to stop reading. Also Hades is hot.
  • Of Montreal, Brad Mehlua Trio and The Yellowjackets are coming to Singapore! ZOMG
  • Must write stuff.
  • Must do homework.
  • < Klavier > Man, you and Gant are wonderful < Dean^Winchester > WHAT KIND OF WONDERFUL ARE YOU IMPLYING HERE? < Klavier> hilarious < Dean^Winchester > that's what I thought.
  • Another show I've been watching is Maou. I LOVE IT. It's amazing and over the top and I CANNOT TAKE ANYTHING IN THIS SHOW SERIOUSLY as evidenced by the way I pester Naruse-mun in CFUD.
  • I want someone to make me icons for Soma. Because I suck at them. And lazy. :(
  • I've been needing a lot of hugs lately, but thank you everyone.
Tags: dear myself, hee, now can i get an rp tag?, this is a revelant post, weirdness

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