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My grades came in and my dad was not happy. Nope, not in the least. I cowered in my room for the entire day until he dragged me away and said, "Do better next time" and began showing off his new gaming mouse.

I really worry about my dad's sense of priorities. Several reasons why:

My dad acts like....me, which can't be good for the household.

My dad plays 'World of Warcraft' for three (or is it four?) hours everyday.

My dad buys all my anime (most of the time. I buy the rest)

My dad buys and recommends my games (another scary thing is that he gets the GOOD games)

My dad is a hooked up Hayao Miyazaki fan (I mean a serious fan. Bought a complete collection of Studio Ghibli films and started ranting about them to me on a international phona call)

My dad is a pervert (we have daily sex dinner talks. And I still can't write smut properly with my dad's image popping up. Tramautic, I know)

My dad swears (and he does it a lot)

My dad wanted to get a piercing and be bald because he thought it was cool (he's bald now, but still hasn't gotten that piercing)

My dad asked me whether I was a lesbien and whether I've done IT yet or not (on top of all that, asked me whether I have sexually trasmitted disease, which I don't)

...And people wonder WHY I write such disturbing fics (referring to 'Lie like the dead' which was the closest thing to hard-core GORE/PAIN/TORTURE and all that stuff)

Oh, and occasionally, my dad pops up on ff.net and reviews my stories. Comments like his definitely DO NOT count as constructive critism.

EXAMPLE: Wow, you rock! You go girl

My reaction: ....Fuck....

The things I put up with...
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