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I am back from holiday! And tomorrow I go to work sob.
  • Did nothing but laze around. JOY.
  • Watched The Prestige. Christian Bale is an accomplished actor when he's not being Batman.
  • Three people died on the beach we were next to. Uhm.
  • Watched Gargoyles. Mmmm Xanatos

How is everyone else?
...You shouldn't define Christian Bale from Batman.

Watch Empire of the Sun, Newsies, Little Women, Equilibrium, 3:10 to Yuma.... Okay so not all of those are good movies, but they're fun movies.

Also, I want the Gargoyles dvds so bad >.> BUT I'M GLAD YOU HAD FUN.
And maaaaaaybe from Howl's Moving Castle? IDK I always crack an amused smile whenever I hear him as Howl.
[Wow i'm so lazy]

Well, I'm under the impression (from the novel) that Howl is supposed to be Welsh. And I'm really not sure why they didn't, you know, direct the Welsh actor to be Welsh. Though, I think it's fantastic that Bale picks a different type of accent for each role he plays. So his American accent for Howl is different than Bruce, which is different from Laurie (from Little Women).

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Ahahaha I wouldn't. I've seen some of his other films. And Gargoyles was up for downloads so I'm snagging it bit by bit.
Christian Bale is an accomplished actor when he's not being Batman.

Ahahahahahahaaaaaaa I love you for saying this.

I...pretty much just went to school like normal! I can't promise I actually did my homework though ^^;