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Man, I feel like an uncool overgrown kid.

WHILE THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT, I wish I had something cool to post about. :(
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should I post that genderswitch pic I did of Oz to make you feel cooler
That's not true! You're a totally COOL overgrown kid!

My friends still can't believe I'm turning 18 soon. "WHAT? YOU'RE ENTERING ADULTHOOD??"
If you ever see me, you'll never forget that *has been mistaken for a ninth grader before due to lack of height lulz*
See, this where we disagree! You can post about how you decided to marathon Speed Racer again, and I think that's cool. Very dorky, but when am I not also dorky? :D
Or I could tell you about the time I argued with a little kid about how Speed Racer was better than Snake Oiler.
Omg, how did that turn out? :D

<-- Regularly argues with people (no matter the age!) of how Person/Anime/Game A is so much more awesome than whoever/whatever they're into. 8Db