water seeping

"so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts..."

Dear life,

When I want a sledgehammer to my life and my head? I WILL ASK.

Emotional in a train station? Is not how I want to deal.

No love,

I'm so irritated with myself and at the same time, I feel like everything's hit home too well. What do you say when you lived a whole year that's worth nothing?

Sunday and Supernatural better cheer me up.

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iluuuuuuuuuuuu sammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy and i have a really bitchy headache and why does your status say you're gonna die :((((
Keep on trucking? That's what I try to remember to tell myself anyway. [huuugs]
I have a distinct lack of hugging icons.

BUT ILU BB and and and you'll be fine and I'm sorry, because crying in public is never fun D:

I have a song I want to give you, so I think I will email it to you.
You say "I can do better than this" and keep on going, because you're strong like that and you can do it. ♥
'At least I have Ella?'

I feel the same way about my gap year, not every year can be a winner.

I've been emotional on a bus, if that's of any use... several times, in fact.


Also, *squish* <3 *pat pat*

OH HEY MY PHONE IS DOWN uh can I send you my home phone number for contacting me? And possibly yours and toph's numbers too 'cause my phone hates me :(