The minute the FBI guy showed up, I knew it was going to take a nosedive into gaaaaaaaay.
You should have seen me in chan. I was like, "OMG THIS GUY IS DEAN'S DREAM BOYFRIEND"

And then :(
I WISH I COULD'VE BEEN IN CHAN TO MOCK YOU i was sort of dying slowly at the time, and was a large pile of blankets, ice packs, and painkillers on the end of my couch :\

Seriously, though, during the scene where the two of them are in the strip club (WHICH CAN I SAY? IGNORING THE BOOBS TO PLAY NAME THAT TUNE WITH YOUR NEW BFF? MOST HETEROSEXUAL THING YOU'VE DONE SINCE THAT TIME YOU SAID YOU THOUGHT ABOUT BEING REINCARNATED AS A CHEERLEADER, DEAN. :|b) I was going "...yeah he's totally the siren. god this show is gay. ♥"
I WAS JUST LIKE, "wtf this is so gay omg ♥♥♥"

...It's probably worth noting that I misread your comment as "THIS KISS SO GAY UHM WHAT".
I wish LJ had VGifts appropriate for "congratulations on coming out of the closet".
casshern is still awesome though really depressing.
18. i'm kinda waiting for it to get happier and that's why i'm watching the show.
half of me's waiting for it to have a happy but sappy ending.
half of me's waiting for all the characters to die.