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"He's gonna give up the booze and the one night stands"



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Batman Beyond: It's Terry's wedding day and he's freaking out. An amused Bruce provides some words of wisdom.

Treasure Planet: Jim and Silver have a bonding moment while on the Legacy.

...yes, I'm a sucker for father-son relationships xP
idk I still ship it ;~;

If you can't write this, then do anything Utena.
Mitsuru reminded Juri of tempered steel. The way she stood, within a crowd and without, a straight line in a sea of lines, bolded, darkened, bright in a forgetful dimness.

Her eyes were always ahead.

Juri can't remember the last time she looked in front instead of behind, ghosts and ghosts and ghosts in her footsteps.

It took their first fencing duel to see the blaze, the brittleness of the blade in the air, slice, cut, screech, dodge, parry. Juri danced but Mitsuru fenced. And with a bow and a bend of the head, it was over before it began. And Juri sees the edges of Mitsuru, woman, friend, confidant and she ponders.

Mitsuru, the steel, the burn, doesn't smile and Juri doesn't smile either. But they pick up their swords.

And another chapter opens.
SINCE YOU SAID YES, Kanon and Juri interaction! I haven't got a good prompt though. uh. KANON SHOWS UP IN THE UTENA WORLD, does Juri try to stab him
Ummmm 'cause I'm a whore... IDK we were talking about it last night, so: PIPER BRINGS SOMEONE HOME TO MEET THE OTHERS. Or something. Uhhh.... I'm a winner okay.
"Dude, dude, I finally got it!"

"I highly doubt you ever had it, Finn"

"SHUT UP STORK--I figured out why Lark is so weird!"

"I thought it was because she was a girl."

"Well that TOO, but can you just listen?!"

"Okay guys, give him some space. What did you figure out Finn?"

"She likes Piper."


"Everyone likes Piper."

"Not that kind of like, Junko."

"I'm with Junko on this one. You're not making much sense, Finn."

"Dude. There is like and there is like. And this is the like-like."

"What Finn is trying is that they're not just friends."

"That's ridiculous... isn't it?"

"Think about it, Aerrow. The secret art of communication, the laughing..."

"... I'm gonna go check on them."

"...Aerrow, I never pictured you to be a peeping tom."

"It's not like that, Finn! I'm just gonna see if she's all right."


Stork facepalmed.

"Baby you know what I like~"

Aerrow scrunched up his nose, "And that's a pick up line?"

"Men use it all the time, Aerrow~" Shiba said, leaning in with a conspiratorial whisper, "And it works"

"I'm a bit worried that it works at all," Aerrow said, "I mean. Baby?"

"Baby is a totally acceptable compliment, Aerrow"

"Who'd want to be associated to a kid?"

"Ahhhh, I forgot," Shiba pursed his lips, "You always hated that word didn't you?"

Aerrow rubbed the back of his neck, uncomfortable, "I don't... hate it. It just bugs me"

Shiba chuckles, "Because you're not a child."

"I'm not," Aerrow said sternly, "I'm a Sky Knight."

Shiba leans on Aerrow and to his credit, Aerrow doesn't show any signs of discomfort, "Well," Shiba pointed out, "Perhaps you should try more adult things."

"Like what"

Shiba grinned.
Sometimes, Gus didn't really understand.

Well, Gus still understood better than most people but there's one level of understanding and there's the second level of understanding and the third and the fourth and it start looking a bit like the Stairway to Heaven, but the point still stood as Gus did not understand

And sometimes, Shawn wonders when Gus will get a clue, when he'll stop picking the next hot number over him, when he'll realize Shawn is the best thing that ever happened to his life and then.

Shawn will say, "I told you so!"
The One Time Dean told Sam he loved him and Sam never realized it
It was worth noting that Dean knew nothing of babies. And Sam was still very much a baby and Dean was still very much a tiny boy left alone with diapers and a milk bottle.

Dad said he was a big boy and he had a duty. Not that Dean really understood what those meant but Dad ruffled his hair before he left and that left a warm glow in his chest for the last few hours.

But that glow was fading as it reached the later hours of the night and Sammy wouldn't stop crying and Dean was thinking he trade duty for some really good cotton to stuff his ears with. Desperately, he took Sam into his arms and tried to rock him gently just like he remembered Mom doing it (and that brings a sharper pain to his chest, but he pushes it away).

"Hey, hey, Sam, don't cry, shush shush," Dean whispered, continuing to swing his brother gently.

Sam didn't care for Dean's eardrums and continued to cry. Dean pretty much felt like crying himself.

So he thought hard on what babies like. He gave Sammy his milk, he changed his diapers (the wrong way, but nobody's gonna notice, especially not Sam). Then he thinks of how Mom bends over him, how her hair would tickle his nose, how she sang a tune, one that played on a radio, a song that Dad and Mom agreed they BOTH liked, with the feel of smoothness and comfort. Without thinking, Dean begins to hum the tune while rocking Sammy in his arms.

It took a few minutes, but Sam's eyelids began to droop and finally shut, a truly content expression on his wide, baby face and Dean carefully placed him back into the crib, just as Mom would have, and pressed a kiss to Sam's forehead.

"I love you Sam," Dean murmured, rubbing the sleep from his own eyes. He understood Mom a little better now, why she always looked so happy when she left the room.

So this was duty.

It didn't seem so bad.
Trust me, there's nothing wrong with selfish

Casshern likes to watch, to observe. Here, in a world so vibrant and bright, he wanted to know every detail, to carry that wonder in his heart, everlasting, even in ruin and death, it was a memory (and Margo said, and he remembered, he remembered, Margo, Margo, you were right).

And Casshern wants to remember Chii. Chii who was a robot, but soft, warm, human (Akoes, Akoes, what did he say about women? Sleep? Love?) and Casshern feels safe, even if he's the safest and she is the most fragile.

So he watches as she tiptoes through cloud and grass and sunshine, life, life and a moment he captures within, a spark to the smile where he feels he is worth it.