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There is a Pandora Hearts dressing room! On one hand this is a cool thing! On the other.
  • Apparently you need to register your characters?
  • Fandom is still using Bezarius :(
  • THERE IS NO MENTION OF LOTTIE. Yet Zwei gets a category. I see what you did thar fandom.
Still, vianusmiho  and I are planning to abuse it to the fullest.
... why are they making it ridiculously complicated. It's a dressing room for a tiny fandom, for crying out loud.
EXACTLY I mean, I can probably count all the Pandora Hearts RPers on my fingers, excluding the ones at CFUD. And I don't see the reason behind registering either.
Looking at the info page, it doesn't seem like it's required? No clue. IMHO, the multiple post thing is a bit much, seeing as it's a tiny fandom — they probably would've been better off just doing it as a single one. I think at this point, I'm more boggling at the idea of having a hiatus and drop post for a dressing room.
I'm guessing it's organization for the sake of organization and looking shiny rather than... a real point to it. And the drop/hiatus thing zapped me too.
S-Same. The idea of having a registration page and a hiatus/drop post for a dressing room really baffles me. Granted, I don't know a thing about dressing rooms, but I am under the impression that it's usually a place where random characters just... drop in and play? Without any real organization, really.

Still, the fact that someone set up a dressing room for this tiny fandom made me happy. :(