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nata_de_coco tagged me!

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

I got

1. Reyson
2. Monkeys
3. Speed Racer
4. Chevy cars
5. Supernatural

1. Reyson

HILARITY IS that once I first started playing the new Fire Emblem game, my favourite was Ike! But WAIT. My favourite pairing, despite canon and all, was Ike/Reyson! Because y'know, I was kinda shameless and I like their interactions and WELL I didn't care much about Soren, and this makes me a TERRIBLE FE PERSON because I think everyone loves Soren idk.

So every once in a while, I muse on apping from Fire Emblem, yet I do it and fail or I never do it at all so I'm like, "clearly the universe has other plans for me!!!1" and I just kinda gave up. And then, Micro started up, I had Oz and Val and I was quite satisfied with that lineup and then we got a Tibarn! TIBARN!! in my tiny sex rp! I was thrilled. And then that made me go, "Gosh, FE.... you were always in my heart..." and I really did want to try my hand at playing Reyson against a Tibarn, so pretty much, on a whim, I wrote his app in like twenty minutes and got in.

A-And gosh, it was like he was made for me. I think that means tsunderes are my type, uhm, but I got the hang of hmi really quickly despite not having replayed the game in a while! (Admittedly, Path of Radiance is so straightforward, you really don't need to replay to have it in your head BUT ANYWAY) a-and I did enjoy his relationships and being a Fire Emblem character on the internet at last!

2. Monkeys

I.I'm not sure what deep thoughts I should be having on monkeys other than they need to stop invading my house. :|

3. Speed Race


OKAY. When I was around ten or so, Cartoon Network began to show this cartoon called Speed Racer! And to my eyes, it was the coolest show ever. It had everything! Action! Plot! (I was ten shush) Deadly stunts! Robots! Assasins! Douche brothers! Incredibly gay brothers that I was shipping at the age of ten trufax. I loved every single episode ever, I caught every single one on TV and I hearted it throughout the time it was there until Cartoon Network pulled it out and I was miserable for weeks.

When we finally got decent internet, it still wasn't there! And anyone who knows me RL would know I spend a great deal of time looking up shows I watched in my childhood. But no sign of Speed Racer. So I pushed it to the back of my mind, I sometimes poked LJ comms and stuff, plotted terrible fic in my head, but generally I gave no other indication of it.

And then the movie. GOD THE MOVIE. I love the movie so much and with it, came back all the little bits and pieces of my childhood that the movie kept. And then crunchyroll uploaded the dub so I could watch it to my heart's content and then the merchandising came back so whenever I see a figure or a toy, I EMIT SUCH JEALOUSY AND HOPE and I want to own them alllll. I will one day buy the Speed Racer TV boxset. ONE DAY.

I think my love really stems on the characters, which is something I really realized much later. There were flaws in the characters, flaws that may or may not seem comedic, it was hard to tell, but they were there. And I'm so utterly weak to flawed characters, especially if they're part of my childhood. And Speed was flawed, even though he was the main character. He has a constant need to prove himself to ridiculous levels, even when he cares, it always tend to bite him in the back, when he did the right thing, the world said, "lol no" and made him seem like an idiot and I felt for him. It was something we can all relate to, on a lower level, but the fact that it exists in a cartoon. Well. That makes my day.

4. Chevy Cars

This only serves to remind me I need to watch the SPN special about the Impala. SOME DAY.

5. Supernatural

ANOTHER HILARIOUS MOMENT IN MY LIFE. Two of my RL friends were into Supernatural and they had made me watch videos and all, but I was like, "meh, whatever" because I wasn't a big TV show girl and Psych still held the number one spot (not that it still doesn't I just... had to make room for more). So Supernatural was always "that fandom with the crazy people". That... still hasn't changed either lol. AND DESPITE MOST OF MY FLIST WATCHING IT I remained... oblivous!

THIS CHANGED when my RL friend came over and left me Supernatural and Doctor Who. And I totally forgot she left me Supernatural until I checked and was like, "Oh wow I have like two seasons of this. Clearly I have something to do with my time!" and pre-emptively told poor_choices that I was watching that show with the brothers and I will be pestering her over it.

So I watched. And watched. And squealed via email (over... a good two hundred emails if I check properly) to Chashi. And cried. And watched. And just loved it. Again, I started watching it with hilarious preconceptions like, "Gosh, that Sam guy will be my favourite. Does anyone like that Dean guy? Weird." And falling like... completely head over heels for Dean and his jackass, his complexes, his need to be needed and family and I COULD GO ON AND ON ABOUT HOW I LOVE DEAN but I think it's pretty obvious.

To everyone. And then Sam and I were like, "Someone needs to app the Winchesters. Just. Not us!" And we continued with this denial stage of us not thinking about apping the winchesters rly and everyone else laughing at us. I'm not... exactly sure when we caved but we did and we began plotting out what we'd do, Fort winchester, etc etc and we... got in! And the first thread we ever had, was both of us being supremely nervous and panicky, but we just... settled in! Remarkly quickly, actually, since I was extremely paranoid for the first two months.

Now, Supernatural is my forever girl along with Chashi and I still think the fandom is nuts, but that's okay.



1. Cain/Riff
2. Kaori Yuki in general
3. Your favourite Indian God/Goddess
4. Master and Butler relationships
5. One Tales Relationship that you adore.
Virgin Shocker, what do you associate me with?
1. Your icons - explain them
2. Type of music
3. Your main internet interest - aka what do you spend the most time on the internet on
4. Evil/Toppy lolis
5. Suikoden

1. Psych
2. Gareas/Ernest
3. One of the subjects in college you like and why
4. Treasure Planet
OKAY I'LL DO THIS ONE even if I'll probably suck at reversing it for people.
1. .hack
2. Phoenix Wright fandom
3. Banjo Tooie ... I forget the name
4. Aragorn
5. Crucible RP
1. Gundam (pick whichever one you prefer to tl;dr on)
2. Battlestar Galactica
3. Star Wars
4. Terra E
5. One J-pop artist you like the most.
1. Neon Genesis Evangelion
2. Tsunderes
3. Nii/Koumyou
4. one CFUD pairing you adore