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Things I'm sorry for.
  • succumbing to peer pressure. CLEARLY NO MEANS YES?
  • Having them laugh at you when you make mistakes. I'M SORRY IF I FIND LAUGHTER NOT VERY HELPFUL
  • Talking to my dad about it and him telling me that it's meaningless and I should be normal. ahahaah fuck you.
In general, I'm really angry and upset. I do not like the fact that my own fucking parents cannot see me as anything but abnormal.

Basically what Miho said. I like you the way you are! [snugs ♥]
Speak for yourself. Personally, I would like to see Timmy start a one woman band on the moon with her astronaut parrot companion while planning the terraforming of Mars and its Speed Racer track based economy as a consequence of the invading marshmallow hordes of dimension X, thereby making the Doctor fall in love with her, necessitating her transformation into a Time Lady for the sake of the storyline and resulting in a happy ending for everyone. Except the marshmallows. They'd be yummy.


To be fair, I'd like to see anyone do that...[love you Ayeshie ♥]