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Things I'm sorry for.
  • succumbing to peer pressure. CLEARLY NO MEANS YES?
  • Having them laugh at you when you make mistakes. I'M SORRY IF I FIND LAUGHTER NOT VERY HELPFUL
  • Talking to my dad about it and him telling me that it's meaningless and I should be normal. ahahaah fuck you.
In general, I'm really angry and upset. I do not like the fact that my own fucking parents cannot see me as anything but abnormal.

Same old, same old, huh. Don't dwell too much on it. The point is to gather enough confidence in yourself so that this kind of things will have a lesser impact. It'll still hurt, yes, it's bound to hurt, but it'll hurt less.

Now go watch something hilarious. Or I have baby!art if you want to look at that. :|b