water seeping

"And you were always pretty reckless with your love"

I've been working for six months now.

And you won't recognize the fact that I exist.

I don't know, guys. I don't know why I'm working with this, why am I even here. I love my kids but at the same time, I give up everything of me and get--

On the offside, I feel that I myself as a person is getting more and more callous. If so, please don't hesitate to say. Emotionally, I feel like I'm going to drop off the deep end soon.
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Faito, love. *snuggles* And you don't seem callous to me at all.
Don't give up so easily. :)

But yeah, kids. They drive me nuts sometimes, but they're cute other times. :D Good luck with the job and the kids! Is this a perm job?
Hoooney. ♥ You are the sweeeetest. iluuuu4eva

also like. uh. coworkers can be dicks. just... don't let it get to you.
My coworkers (not all but a good third) made things very hard for me, to the point that I was coming home and crying on my parents more days out of the week than not. I kept myself going for my students, but when I look back, I can't believe how some people act, sometimes. However, that was five years ago, now, and BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, THIS WILL BE OVER TOO. I KNOW IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE IT, BUT IT WILL.

ilu ♥