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Just shifted most of my work onto the new laptop, (from where I'm typing this right now) and went out the whole day. Spotted Witch Hunter Robin and Saiyuki Reload box sets, but my allowance just started this week (feh, 20 Sing dollars is a lot. I picked up the  entire Cowboy Bebop series for 70). Right now, I'm slightly bored and waiting to get my VideoEazy access to even more anime.

But, I have to sort out all my music (tons and tons of just anime and game music)

Title: Mechanics
Chapter: One: To Breath
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: None, Tala-centric


By Timberwolf220

-But what if I’m not really human? What if every part of me is artificial?-

—Major Kusanagi "Ghost in the Shell"


Chapter One: To breathe

And then there was light. Bright scalding light that filled every corner of his eyes until he couldn’t even blink away the glow. And it receded like the tide, making way for the darkness and shadows. Shadows that hovered next to him twittering like drunken birds and swishing their white cloaks like kings. He tried blinking and felt his body unable to respond. He began to sweat slightly and he felt the presence of something in his mind.

Fear, pure unadulterated fear began cascading down his spine and made him quiver like a bowstring. He watched the darkness fill up the bright light that had eclipsed him before and one trembling shadow approached. He could see the white of that shadow’s teeth so visibly. He flinched and wondered he would be ever able to move again.

"Are you awake Tala Yurich?"

Tala…Tala…Tala…the name ricocheted off the walls of his mind and finally two distant threads connected and he nodded slowly. That was his name, the name he bore all his life. A name he didn’t even know where it originated and whether it was his to begin with. But it was his name, here, here…where is here? Where was he? Where did he go?

What happened to him?

The shadow (Scientist, his fevered mind corrected for him) seemed satisfied with his answer and began barking out orders to everyone else, "Get him out!" he yelled at them, "And get him some clothes."

He couldn’t even resist when they pulled him out of the tank, limp like a jellyfish out of water. He just watched as shadows ran around frantically and he felt the clothes make contact with his skin. He shivered unconsciously and kept on watching. The first scientist who spoke to him seemed to stand over him. He was tall and he towered over his limp form and smiled.

"You can do great things Tala. In fact, you are saved from the curse of humanity," The scientist smirked and nudged Tala with his foot in scorn, "A scientist’s dream come true. A human’s worst nightmare," He muttered to himself and stared into Tala’s unblinking eyes, "Tell me Tala, which one are you; the dream or the nightmare?"

And Tala just stared.


A new project I've been wanting to do for ages. I won't post it just yet though.


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