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What was awesome today

  • One of my kids wanting to be a hula hoop teacher 
  • Supernatural. Thank you.
  • Another one of my canons updating! I'm not saying which one yet but fuck yeah George Takei.
  • The Singapore Borg always makes me happy.
  • In fact, everyone makes me happy. Thank you all.
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OOOH I didn't know you also liked Steam Detectives!!! <3 <3 <3
Massive coat buttooooons~ 8D Jazzy music~ and Earl Grey Tea~ <3 <3
(I didn't watch Shadow Skill but I've seen ads for it.)
;___; I feel the nostalgia... Aah, now I have to go dig up some of the music...
If you have any of the songs other than the OP and ED, I would love you forever. I've been hunting for them for ages.
I have to go look for it after I get off work in the evening, but I have the CD that has Ling Ling/Rin Rin on the front and close-up faces of Narutaki and ...that... bad guy... who killed Naru's parents... (I forget his name) in the background in purple.

I can't remember if it was music based off the anime or just standalone soundtrack... There were only three songs with lyrics; one song about 'Steam City' sung by Orikasa Ai and one was about Earl Grey tea... I forget the third one.

8D;;; *senile moment* Er but yus, I think I know where I put it...
Night Phantom, dearest. And if you could upload it for me any time, I would be eternally grateful ♥
I can do that. :3 Um, I think I have trouble ripping CDs though, I can only get them in wma format. D: Are you able to convert them if I send the files to you that way?
I ripped the CD. It's apparently called "Steam Detectives File 1" I can not for the life of me, find an image of the booklet. (I guess I can scan it if you really want to see it.)

Er, it's about 45 megs large zipped. Where would you like me to send it? Via AIM, via yousendit, etc?
;3; Let me know how it is. I don't know if it's up to the anime's standards.
When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me grow laaaarge!