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Guys, reading my old springkink stuff is kinda depressing because I really love it and I'm like "why can't I write like that anymoooooore"

:( woes.

Hopefully the new springkink will ping me in places.

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Writing, like most things (SUCH AS MUSCLES!1) requires use to be good d>: I mean, there is some measure of talent etc etc -- but if you don't write then your writing will probably disappoint you more .-.p Writing often keeps your writerly-mental-muscles in shape even if you don't like it, it will probably get better.
Man, I also miss writing like that. I have been writing Tales of Vesperia fanfics and original stuff but it's all in Spanish, for some reason. I miss writing in English.

:( So I feel you.
. . . Hey, it's been like three weeks, so I don't know if that counts anymore.

Also. Didn't you say you were going to get off the net, honey? :(