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This post was filled with deep thoughts, but I lost track when I finally filled all my icon slots.

Instead I'm going to link this. It's a fic request post on my writing journal, since y'know, most of my writing goes there. I might start transferring my old work there too, at some point. Anything goes since now I can write porn.

Another point is, I might drop characters at micro. I'm not sure who's getting the axe yet (not Oz, he's. so safe) so right now it's a wibbly thing between Reyson, Babs and Albafica.

As for CFUD... like every month, almost like clockwork, I think about dropping Shawn. He's always been the guy I wonder if someone else should have and play better. He's tough for me to bring out because I need a special mentality/mood for him and honestly, I feel a bit bad for my castmates. They deserve someone better.

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In completely selfish interests, I'd say if you have to drop anyone, NOT Reyson because he's the best Reyson I've seen ever and I love him so so much and also because I suck with Harley and haven't been active much with her to bug Babs either. ;o;b

But in not-selfish interests, I say drop whoever is the least fun for you. Since having fun is kinda the whole point of RP and all. :/

Also whoooo filling icon slots. \o/
It's nice to hear that. Honestly, I think I need to play him more because Reyson's one of those characters I don't have any voice issues for (in fact, for all of my micro characters, I've never had a voice problem). But it's been so hard just getting him out, I'm starting to wonder if he's worth keeping around. gg me.

I'm putting some thought into it because I really love some of Reyson's relationships a lot.
Yeah, I know what you mean, in a way. I love playing Goemon and Harls once I'm actually playing Goemon and Harls, but working up the energy to get them out there is really, really hard. For me this is partly voice issues, partly because Goemon is a difficult little fucker to make socialize with people, and partly because of issues I have with other players. :|;;;

You know you can always hit me up to post with you if you want, right? :o Tibarn always has time for his herons~
What. What. Dude. You are awesome with Shawn, and if you leave us, I WILL BEAT YOU. :(
Honey, you play him fabulously, I show people our threads all the time and people always remark that your comments sound straight out of the show. <3 I have never minded that he's hard to get out, because lol it's Shawn. Plus timezones suck and I've been pretty fail too. ;; But yes, you are amazing. <3

...Once more with feeling proper HTML.

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g-gosh you show people our threads? Now I'm all blushy inside. In one of those odd ways, he's hard for me to get out, but I've never felt WRONG when I do bring him out. He's my baby that way.
Yeah I do... XD I am kind of stupidly proud I play Lassiter on the internet, and that I have such an awesome Shawn to play off of. And no I totally get it! Like I said, he's Shawn! It's a pretty odd voice seriously (what with his train of thought being kind of wonky at times, and the fact that I only get about 70% of his pop culture references), but you nail it every single time. <3

BY THE WAY, I love the way you play Shawn. YOU MADE ME WATCH SEVERAL EPISODES LIKE SEVERAAAAAL MONTHS AGO. I think you're awesome with him, so if you want to play him even if it's hard to bring him out, you should keep him? AND I'M GLAD OZ IS SAFE, I'm so biased.

You should rewatch it after you've done... watching everything else.
IT TOTALLY IS A GOOD THING, I will try to leave more. Probably Casshern Sins prompts or something, BUT I SHOULD WATCH MORE FIRST.

. . . Maybe. I did like what I saw, after all.