water seeping

some random thoughts of the day

  • Not a secret! I ship giant robots. Also not a secret. I wish fandom could write/art them without having sex on the brain. I MEAN C'MON GUYS. THEY'RE GIANT ROBOTS.
  • I have this urge to app without... idk, a particular setting? I could app at micro but that's a sex rp and I just want to app and play... for kicks! Rather than.... anything else. DOES ANYONE EVER FEEL THAT WAY?
  • Night classes suck.
  • Downloading all of Spectacular Spiderman! I am excited!!
  • I think my words for the When the Levee rises can be summed up like this: ;o;
  • Also I need to put "angel bitch boy" in Dean's interests.
  • Pandora hearts anime I LOVE YOU. I just. I'm so happy with you despite sucky animation. JUST SO HAPPY. The little details that extra bit of Oz making Gil pull the trigger I just. My heart swells. I want to talk more about how the little bits they've added don't mess up the characterisation and the dynamic is there and eeeeeeee I'm so proud.
Man, I have more to say but I'm tired. GJ me.
I'm enjoying it because it has little extra bits that makes me happy like Oz and Break having a mini cake-war and Break dipping a fork in Oz's tea, y'know, little things! The seiryuus, the music, the pacing and direction are pretty good too! Nothing really leaves you bored and I do like what they added to the flower girl bit (it made it more realistic in my eyes). Buuuuut the comm posts up streaming links so you can just stream it.
I FEEL YOU ON THE APPING CHARACTERS THING. I want to play a lot of characters, but just... play them. Without the stress of activity checks and settings and stuff, if that makes sense. This reminds me I still want to app Lottie.

. . . Spectacular Spiderman?

I'm downloading the Pandora Hearts anime, I really loved episode six. BUT YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT.
Spectacular Spiderman is the new Spiderman cartoon and it's supposed to be excellent. I am really looking forward to it.
I totally feel that way sometimes. Not that CFUD isn't great! I always end up coming home to CFUD, 'cause it it my home on the net. But I end up having affairs with games every now and then. Right now I'm in Cape and Cowl (superhero setting) and All My Sees (AU Persona 3/4), and they're a lovely addition to my usual CFUDy stuff.
Yeah, CFUD will always be my forever RP but I like trying out characters I would never play in places where things are... for the lack of a better word, lax?