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-Supernatural  | done, waiting for season five
-Transformers Animated | will be done this weekend and we better get a season four
-Psych | is in June/July
-Castle | fun but not an adequate substitute



At this rate, I'll just save up and buy all of Beast Wars/Beast Machines and Armada and that is not good.

Note to self: Rewatch new Transformers trailer to figure who all is appearing (I GOT AS FAR AS SWIDESWIPE where did all my savvy gooooo)

I would tell you to watch my SUPER SEKRIT CANON WITH ME but I am pretty sure it is not your thing so there goes that idea. YOU COULD READ SHINSHI DOUMEI... but it is pretty short and you'd get through it in a night. (still read it though 8D.)
THIS DEPENDS ON WHAT MY THING IS I can be easily persuaded.

god if I reatch Gankutsuou I will cry.

Hahaha I have rewatched it seven times to date and cried every time. Baww.
See, I would say no but then... I've watched/read questionable trashy stuff quite often.

:( SOB.
Castle is basically the spawn of Psych, except it has an author (Nathan Fillion) helping with crimes instead of Shawn and Lassiter is female.

The end.

I do like it, but sometimes I think it tries too hard. And Psych has infinitely better writing to it :x
Did I read that correctly? Someone else acknowledges the existence of Beast Machines? :O

The more I see of the new TF trailer...the less excited I am about it. :/
...this is a very good point. *got to episode 15 before giving up lest she lose her sanity* Although I've been told Starscream's character development is fantastic.

It looks awesome, but...not really like Transformers? It's hard to explain.
Actually, the first one never truly felt like Transformers to me either, but that's because of the plot and the time spent on the humans instead of the transformers themselves, but I enjoy them anyway.
Well, I know you're already watching Spectacular Spider-man. What about Tru Calling? 8D
It's a show about a girl whose job is to stop people from dying!

More specifically, dead bodies ask her to help them and then the day rewinds to 24 hours previously, therefore giving her a chance to keep them from dying.
... shit. I totally forgot about the finale. D: I NEED TO WATCH IT.