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[Me] "And then Ursula told the Little Mermaid..."
[Girl K] Which one is Ursula?
[Me] This one, honey (points to the appropriate picture)
[Girl K] My mommy said Ursula is the devil.
[Me] ...
[Me] ...
[Me] ... No, she's just a sea-witch! MOVING ON.

Certainly not the classiest moment in my life what the fuck.

In other news, I am feeling slightly better, my dog seems to be surviving her second or third cancer operation with no worries, I have a shitload of work to do but overall? I seem to have improved. I think.
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...Well, if you think about it, Ursula is kind of the devil? B-But wow, good parenting skills there.

Also, your dog ;~; I HOPE SHE'S DOING OKAY!!!