water seeping

... hee.

So like, recently, I got hooked onto High School Musical. Mainly the music, (I can hear you judging me. Shut up).

But anyway, I spent most of my internet, much earlier, hunting for the music.

Only to realize I already own the soundtracks.

Including two complimentary karaoke mics and T-shirts.


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I actually have a trend with it with the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack. I've torrented that thing no less than 5 times because I keep thinking I don't have it. :
. . . I love High School Musical too. ;;

But that's kind of special, yeah.
My dad used to work for Disney music so we have oodles of free disney memorabilia all over the house. Of course I can never remember all of it.
Maybe making a list would help next time, that way you won't spend that time looking for something you already own. |D But I agree, it's still adorable.
You haven't seen our crazy CD collection. It took my dad four days to catalogue everything we had at one point.

also notadorable.
whatever. if loving those movies is wrong, I don't want to be right. :(
Not the point.

Do you know how horrifying it was for me, when watching the Tokyo Disneyland parade, to have them stop mid-song and burst into that Vacation song (only retooled to be about their Jubilation)?
HAHA. Oh honey.

No, okay, I'll admit that I have a secret love for the songs too :( I just watch the movies so I can scream "GAAAAAYYY!!!!" with a legitimate reason xD