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I have officially sold my soul to the devil. Why?

I have gone to the dark side and fallen for the most masochistic/sadistic/evil/dark/inhumane pairing. What am I talking about?

Well, I am talking about Teen Titans. For those who haven't seen it, I recommend watching it atleast twice or so. Especially, when Slade makes an appearance. And the so-called forbidden pairing I am talking about is Slade/Robin.

Honestly, they have dark/evil/bitchy/pedophilia sex/love written all over them. In big bold Verdana 16 sixed letters.

Evidence of this pairing:

1) They're both obsessed over each other. And not in a good way I might add. Slade only wants ROBIN as his apprentice and in his mind, no one is better than Robin. Boy Wonder is trying desperately to figure out who Slade is and goes into these INDEPENDENCE/HORMONAL/TEENAGE fits that make me proud of my sanity.

2) Slade doesn't like Robin's friends. Nope, downright hates them. Wants to rip them to shreds and so on. The only reason they're still alive is BECAUSE of Robin, who stopped him from killing his friends.

3) There is a lot of TOUCHING/GROPING/FEELING going on with Robin and Slade. Especially with Slade.

4) Robin deliberately separated himself from his teammates to get to Slade. The other Teen Titans weren't happy. Nope, not in the least. They were ANGRY/HURT/BETRAYED  and after that, had a hard time believing in Robin.

Now, I have gathered the evidence. And I'm glad to say that other people also write this pairing, despite how *cough*DEMENTED/CRAZY/PSYCHOTIC*cough* it may seem. And booming too. ^___^

I just needed to say all that because I saw the second part of the Apprentice episodes. And loved every minute of it. How did the US make a show that shounen-ai hinty?

Oh, to clinch it all, listen to Slade's words: "It's never been about them. It's always been about you Robin. Only you"



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