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Livejournal's new Writer's Block question is "What is your first word"

Mine was "Bugga"

Yes, bugger.

Dwell on that.

Meanwhile, in the health of me, it seems that I have sudden shooting chest pains. That's twice today. Is there something you need to tell me body?

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... I bet you were the most adorable child on the planet.

A-and I think that sudden shooting chest pains, at your age, shouldn't be something to worry about? Like, IF YOU START GETTING NUMBNESS do something, but it'll probably just resolve itself.

Then I spent two years of my baby life spouting gibberish!!

Yeah, I will. IT'S NOT A GOOD THING.
. . . don't die!

My first word . . . oh wait my mom says she doesn't remember my first word 8( nvmd
Mine was..."goy". Yeah, I got nothin'.

In my experience shooting chest pains are either anxiety or gas. KEEP AN EYE ON IT AND IF IT GETS WORSE, SEE A DOCTOR D:
There's an Ender's Game joke I could put here, but I can't think of one.

I've gotten chest pains before. They just randomly showed up and randomly disappeared. GOOD LUCK WITH THOSE.

Hello I'm back 8D