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just a kinda psa


alexander who listens to me without judging
telcontar who rambles at me every day and I love her for it
telrunya for being the most adorable thing on the internet
vaudevillainy who links me to beautiful and fantastic things and knows how to make me smile
wonderseal who knows how to make me feel better
poor_choices who takes some time every morning to love me
kingsraven who brightens up the room just by being herself
paralinguistic who lends me a shoulder whenever I need it
nekokoban who is my darling hooker
rira_chan who is socute
carrythelight who loves me so and sends me pictures of cute things when I'm down and loves me some more and words fail me because she makes me happy.
panicbelle for every selfless thing she does for my sake
And my flist, my darling lovely flist, who god knows where I'd be without every single one of them, I love you all to the very bottom of my heart. And toes.

If you want, comment here so that I can love on you articulately!

Tags: boom de yada

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