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Me - Oh okay I'll sleep for a while now that Kousaka's gone. I should be fine
Me - zzzz
Me - [wakes up]
Me - ... When did it become Sunday morning?

Now my dog is trying to chew my foot through my blanket.
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So uh it turns out I probably accidentally stole your train/bus card while we were too busy wondering if I'd left anything behind. OTZ.
Yeah I saw your email (hilariously my dad REMINDED ME TO GET THEM BACK but I forgot. To be fair... I wasn't exactly in the best of minds)

If sending it via mail is too expensive, you can give it to the Aussies and I'll pick it up from them.

How much sleep DID you get while she was there?
I suppose one of us (probably one of the people who's bringing study material) will be responsible and kick everyone else to bed.
Hahahah, I never know if I should love those moments or not. Con: I just lost x amount of hours, wtf. Pro: Sleeeeeeep. ♥