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So I just watched the pilot episode for Star Trek! Extended, of course. And it was a very interesting watch since it dealt with Captain Pike wanting to retire, Captain Pike being a stud, oh man Captain Pike you so fine--ANYWAY

For a pilot episode, it worked very different from what I would have normally expected from a pilot ep. It wasn't something attention-grabbing, but it still succeeds in keeping a person compelled to the story. Hilariously, Gene Roddenberry was like, "whoops we were supposed to do space western, space-opera. My bad"

But generally, it overall impressed me with its depth. And well, I kinda love Captain Pike.

Just finished watching the Man Trap and I suddenly feel very bad for movie!Uhura. ALL THAT POTENTIAL.
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Captain Pike has a niiiiice singing voice. ♥

Why do you feel bad for movie!Uhura? Forgive me for my not knowing at all what's going on. :x

Well, I'm comparing her to the original and the original kinda... outshines her easily. :x ♥
I remember there was like a Star Trek parody thing that the actual cast was in, and Captain Pike busts out in song. It was pretty damn funny. :Db

Huh! I really needta get to watching the original sometime. |D