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So I just watched the pilot episode for Star Trek! Extended, of course. And it was a very interesting watch since it dealt with Captain Pike wanting to retire, Captain Pike being a stud, oh man Captain Pike you so fine--ANYWAY

For a pilot episode, it worked very different from what I would have normally expected from a pilot ep. It wasn't something attention-grabbing, but it still succeeds in keeping a person compelled to the story. Hilariously, Gene Roddenberry was like, "whoops we were supposed to do space western, space-opera. My bad"

But generally, it overall impressed me with its depth. And well, I kinda love Captain Pike.

Just finished watching the Man Trap and I suddenly feel very bad for movie!Uhura. ALL THAT POTENTIAL.
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orz tiem to get new external eh

Yes! One of the best things about TOS is the dialogue and the characterization. The conversations often jump off the screen. Loev TOS humour.