water seeping

[and on our next episode of Star Trek]

Kirk and Spock look to be married on the forgotten planet where Archon had crashed and Spock black really isn't your colour.

Now to ponder whether the REST of the episode is this. Special.


Spock - Sometimes, Captain, you almost make me believe in luck
Kirk - Why, Mr. Spock. You make me believe in miracles.


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It's hilarious. Especially when Kirk and Spock take on the guards and Kirk is like, "A bit old fashioned."
Is this the first time he does it? He keeps doing it throughout the series. :D

And yes "a bit old-fashioned" is a marvelous line.

Keep your eye out for The Devil in the Dark! Four eps from this one, I just checked. Man, if you think they're slashy now, that one...just, yeah.
First time so far! ... I've got a lot to cover.


But yeah, I've been told they get worse. Er, better. ... YOU KNOW.
Yes you do. I think the eps I like are later on.

WELL SPOCK GENERALLY HAS MORE. CIVILIZED METHODS. The person punching people out is usually Kirk.

They do. Oh my god, they really do.
I can imagine. I've only watched a small portion so far anyhow.

YEAH WHICH IS WHY IT WAS SO HILARIOUS but then I always fondly remember Spock beating up a woman near Kirk in episode one. GOOD TIMES.
God, I passed out for 9 hours but I feel a lot better. AND THEN I READ THIS POST. I think I might spend the day watching Star Trek now.
IT WAS AWESOME, I needed sleep. Oh god honey, I feel bad because it will take me forever to catch up now. sob
You'll catch up soon enough. The great thing about these episodes is that they're easy to marathon.
But I have a short-attention spam and I tend to forget to watch things. YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT BY NOW, that's why I forgot to keep watching Doctor Who . . . for over a year (or Torchwood). Then again, I love Star Trek a lot more. OKAY FORGET IT.