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By Friday, I lose my job.

By Friday, I lose my possible chance of getting a teacher's degree.

I want to curl up and die.

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You're not allowed to die, honey. You have all the right in the world to cry and feel depressed right now, but things will get better eventually. I'm sure of it. I love you so much, sweetie. You'll find another way. [snuggles]
And today, one of my kids asked me "When are you coming back to my class?"

What. What am I going to tell him now.
Oh, sweetie...I know it feels bleak right now, but try to get through this week, and then start looking at your options. I hope the teacher who was gonna talk to them could do something...I AM SENDING YOU LOVE. AND PRAYING FOR YOU.
I know that by now you've probably gone in and found out about whatever you and your teacher can do for you. Whatever the outcome was, Serph's right, you have experience and that's not something to be dismissed. There are often multiple ways to earn a degree, through doing other courses and stepping up, or through traineeships. You could do volunteer teaching work as well. I'm not sure what your work fell under, but it isn't anything to sniff at, I'm positive. I really hope it worked out in your favour today, but if it didn't, then I won't tell you not to feel bad. Because it's an awful thing to happen. I will say, though, that you shouldn't be discouraged in the long run. You love working with those kids and you'll find your way back into it.

Love you lots, and I hope things work out. ♥
I'm so sorry honey, but there are definitely other options if today hasn't worked out. It's terrible, and after this kind of thing it's really hard to think of what else to do right away, but that doesn't mean there never will be anything.

I'm so sorry D: I really hope that things will work out somehow.