water seeping


I did lose my job and my chance at a degree. We're very broke at home and I no longer have money of any kind whatsoever. I can't go to Australia either. This is all bad news, but not the end of the world and we're looking at alternatives. My computer time has been cut short too so consider my scarce in general. Stuff has been... bad at home and I haven't been the most stable person lately but I'll get there.

That's my RL update! Thanks for everyone's support and emails. They really helped and I really needed it. Other stuff is me doing things like videogames, reading (bought a whole bunch of comics and wow Tiny Titans why are you shipping Trigon/Slade). I'll probably talk about those in due time but y'know, my general notice if I seem quiet or moody to anyone.

On the other hand goddamnemperor get! I PLAY LETO AGAIN.

I'm glad you've got alternatives and are doing your best to keep it together. LOVE TO YOU ♥