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katharon is putting up a new RP and I am undecided! I don't want to really app more people at CFUD or micro but I have a bunch I do want to play elsewhere.

  • Shima Ango from Zone 00
  • Kurabayashi Hal from Switch
  • Izumo-no-Takeru or Oguna-no-Takeru from Takeru
  • William Shatner
  • Jack from Mental. Albeit, I should really watch more Mental first.
  • someone from Eternal Sonata. idk maybe Allegretto or Waltz or hell, even Fugue.
  • Zelda from either Ocarina or Twilight Princess
  • I...I'm open to suggestions?
Clearly I spend too much time thinking about these things.
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I do want to app there too but I don't feel like apping any of the ones I was thinking of last night.

. . . Y-Yes.

I have enough time to finish watching TOS, too. And you've made more than enough icons so I don't need to make them myself.
Oh that's the one Deb linked me earlier. I am considering it, since I'll need a new secondary game soon.
holy shit YES.

Yeah, I don't want to app at CFUD unless I'm sure I want that character for a very long period of time (since I... don't like dropping)
KUJO :|!!!

Game info is here. Also, y-yeah, I have a tendency to stockpile characters. While activity is not a problem I still feel bad.