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I'm writing damnit!

"Don't lose your way," The wise man said, "Don't follow the wrong path."

If Hakkai remembered it correctly, that was how the story went. He tentatively touched his stomach and grimaced. There was no pain coming from the wound. He pressed it harder with his fingers and noticed how bloody they seemed to be. He tried to gauge the implications of bleeding and not feeling the pain simply meant...

He was dead.

Hakkai was a rational person by nature. He got onto his feet and surveyed his surroundings. If he was dead, then...he was dead. He was going to accept it (Though Sanzo would beat him in the head for that). Then he felt a pang of sorrow and wondered whether they were in the same situation.

Sanzo would be pissed to know he was dead.

He stumbled along the dirt path and looked upwards. The sky seemed to swallow the background around him with its deep mellow colour and there were no clouds in the sky. The Sun was nowhere to be seen and Hakkai felt frightfully alone.

He dismissed the notion and kept on walking.

I need to write more. I need Microsoft Word!

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mmm... it's very... Hakkai-ish.
Mildly SanzoxHakkai-ish as well. ^-^ 't's all good.