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Best things about my house.

My dad just made me read an essay about Superman's sex habits.

This essay said that his sperm was like shooting bullets.

I like that this is an actual essay in an actual book we have at home.
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Oh, hey! I know that essay! That's "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex", isn't it?

...Superman would probably have to use condoms made of Kevlar or something ._.a
Well, you don't need to know comics intimately to enjoy it. Just the basic idea of Superman.
I KNOW OF THAT ESSAY but have never actually read it. Is it worth it?
It kinda amazes me that there are people who put that much thought into this kinda stuff. I love people, sometimes. ♥
Well, people put a lot of thought of what they like.

Like how the sets of Speed Racer were colour-coded for individual characters.