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This entry is just for me to express my paranoia and stress over tomorrow's interview.

Please. Carry on with your day.
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Don't worry about it you'll be fine no one is going to judge. You'll nail this without a problem
An interview!! You can do it, babydoll. I'LL BE THINKING ABOUT YOU ALL DAY. iluuuuuuuu let me know how it went I CANNOT STALK YOUR LIFE NEARLY EFFECTIVELY ENOUGH, APPARENTLY.

In the meantime, look at my best friend's baby. YOU WILL SMILE AT THAT, GUARANTEED.

I have more things to spam you with, but I'll just lay in wait.
I'LL BE ALSO THINKING OF YOU ALL DAY. GOOD LUCK, and do your very best. I'm sure you'll be fine. I believe in you, honey. ♥♥♥