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I have realized that any deep or vaguely depressing thought I have about myself is automatically turned into some kind of parody in order to keep myself wallowing. Which, in hindsight, is a good thing! On the other hand, I think I end up wallowing away and I'm like that is just not on, brain.

But anyway, today was a low-key day of hating myself, feeling like I'm a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom and failure and not getting that clue that is super obvious to everyone else (One day I will not be dense and figure out things for myself... yeah no). Whatever!! I think I'm going to watch Star Trek the Voyage Home now which has San Francisco adventures and McCoy yelling at people. Good times.

(gosh how do you people put up with me, I can barely put up with myself)

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Not figuring things out for myself = STORY OF MY LIFE.

BUT I LOVE YOUUUUUU so it's all good. ♥ ♥ ♥
You have not seen my level of denseness in chan. There's a reason why people ninja me.

I "put up" with you cuz I love you. And everyone is always harder on themselves than others can ever be.
Because we love you, silly. Also you will never be as dense as me. NEVAAAAAAA!!!1!
It sounds like we had a similar day. ♥ AND SO I WILL SAY THE SAME THING THAT PEOPLE TELL ME, people do it because they want to. Which means we can't be that bad yet!!
We must be AU magical twins from across continents. It's the only explanation I find satisfactory.

The problem is, I think, I've hit a vat of low self-esteem where I cannot bring myself to actually want.
You know I put up with you because I love you and even if I can't do anything to help, I'll still be there and do what little I can do. Please, don't be too hard on yourself. ♥
I'm pretty dense, and I don't think I've ever had to 'put up' with anything re: you.