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So I finally watched Inglorious Basterds with my mom. Which was probably not a very good decision on her part because she kept wincing every time a scalp got taken off. It was a good film and I enjoyed myself a fair deal, more than I thought I would with my mom, though I felt somewhat bad that she went for this movie purely for my sake.

Apparently my dad is taking me out tomorrow as well. This sudden outpouring of compassion from my parents is rather troubling, but let's see how it goes.

We also went to the bookstore today, which apparently stocked Goosebumps! I was surprised to hear that R.L Stine is still writing (I'm still shocked the man is alive) . In all honesty, I'm saddened by the fact that Goosebumps! is still heavily prevalent, while my favourite horror childhood series Spooksville is nowhere to be seen anymore. And Spooksville was better written too. It had characters I liked (Adam and Watch whom I dub mini!Kirk and mini!Spock, Sally with her amazing sarcasm and Bryce the Boy Wonder) and there were times when the dilemmas seemed more real than they aught to have been in a children's book series. Adam and Watch's fallout over Olos' mechanical body for one, Watch's death, the weighing of sins at the end of the Witch's path, hell, the Cold People would have made a pretty awesome movie by itself. 

Ah well. I'm glad I kept and hoarded my collection of Spooksville books anyhow. Along with all my Animorphs of course.
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I'm rereading some today. OUT OF SPITE FOR GOOSEBUMPS.

And I totally shipped Adam/Watch.

I went through Phone Fear today with the crazy internet computer and the amazing Watch and Adam fallout. MY BOYSSSSSss.
AHHH I NEED TO BUY THEM OR SOMETHING. I used to borrow them from the library.
... Is it bad that I've never heard of Spooksville before? ^^; I only read a bit of Goosebumps here and there. I WAS A SCAREDY CAT.
The book covers always looked silly to me. And I got squicked by the copious amount of slime.
Man, I feel so ashamed. I don't know about a lot of awesome books, I SHOULD FIX THIS EVENTUALLY.
It was pretty obscure! I knew it because the variety of books in India those days wasn't very high.
It's very simply written, but the dialogue and the characters stood out wonderfully. And y'know, the kids actually got hurt and had to face difficulties with a realistic approach.
...So I called it re: your mom and that movie BUT I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT! My mother would do things purely for my sake all of the time. In this way, I got her to watch all of Cowboy Bebop and see Star Trek with me.

Also, I think it's just as likely that there's a ghost writer, like with Boxcar Children and various other children's books.
I'm still kinda like "Why did she even volunteer for this, MY DAD WOULD HAVE DONE IT.". Usually, it's the other way around, my mom drags me to movies.

Hmmm. I didn't think of that.
BASTERDS PING what. I'm glad you liiiiiked it. Loooool the ..third time? I saw it, yeah, about 40% of the theater was made up of OLD PEOPLE. It was kind of amazing.

GOOSEBUMPS oh wow. I think I still have some of my favorites. FUCK YEAH ANIMORPHS! I was obsessed with that series sob and I still have all those books. ~Nostalgia~
IT WAS GOOD FUN and I adored Hugo. :( I was so sad when he died.

Yeah that and Spooksville constituted my childhood.
Yeah I can see how that movie wouldn't be for everyone.

And I haven't heard of Spooksville either. I had a lot of Goosebumps, which eventually I put in a box and gave to a younger friend of mine. ...no idea what I did with my Animorphs. But I'm pretty surprised that Goosebumps is still going. Surely they've run out of plots.
My poor mom.

Goosebumps, I realized much later, became highly irritating for me because all the main characters were complete idiots.